he Shuangxuan Treasure Map. As long as he can sense the treasure map, he can borrow their magic power.

By then, he will be another hero with a fragrant mouth.
“Hahaha, stop struggling. The Ancient Mysterious Sealing Formation was created by the great master of our demon race. It is specifically designed to restrain the human body. Mortal monks who enter this formation will have their cultivations sealed, making them no different from ordinary people.”
Gu Chao smiled coldly and stared at Lu Bei. He was happy to see a powerful enemy launch a final charge before his death.
“The monsters are fine, but the humans can’t move.”
Lu Bei suddenly realized, and rubbed some spiritual light with his fingertips: “Look, the so-called seal is not invincible. I have recovered a little mana.”
“so what!”
Gu Chao narrowed his eyes slightly, sighing in his heart for a monster. In the ordinary integration stage, no, even in the Tribulation Stage, the physical body was trapped in this formation and encountered many blockades, but he could not draw out a trace of mana.
However, that’s all!
His magic power is less than a hair’s breadth, he can’t even cast a Taoist spell, and he can’t create any trouble.
“Not much, but enough for this sect leader to find the password of another account.”
/Lu Bei grinned, and under the horrified gaze of Gu Chao, his body swayed and transformed into a two-meter-tall, strong, transformed demon.
The nine-tailed fox was stunned. Suddenly, its eyes suddenly turned fierce, and it raised its sharp claws to strike down.
There was a bang and blood splashed, and screams went straight into the sky.
The nine-tailed fox had one of its forelimbs chopped off and retreated in embarrassment.
Lu Bei drew a halberd across the sky, raised the demon-slaying sword in the other hand, and bathed in the rain of blood. His golden eagle eyes looked at Gu Nest: “To tell you the truth, this sect leader is actually the demon king lurking within the human race, one of our own.”
Gu Chao clenched his fists and looked at the majestic big demon in front of him, his eyes full of hatred: “Human monk, damn it!”
Gu Chao didn’t know the secret record of Lu Bei’s cultivation in the Great Wilderness. He had never heard of it. He only thought that Lu Bei had refined a great demon, dispersed the soul, and left the body for his own use. He was already extremely hostile to the human race. At this moment, he The hatred is deeper.
With the long knife in his hand, he rose to a height of three meters, manifesting a half-demon body. He has a human body with an eagle face, two slanted eyebrows converging in the center of the eyebrows, and a single horn that curves backwards on his forehead.
Demonic clouds surged all over the sky, and the phantom of the giant beast flapped its wings, resembling a bird but not a bird. Its shape was like an eagle, with a single horn on its forehead.
Lu Bei grinned, and his figure also rose to three meters tall, taking on the appearance of a bird-man with a human body and an eagle face. Following the appearance