miliated. The Immortality Sect is considered one of the strongest sects in the extraordinary world of Haichuan Xinghe.

However, others came from the sea of ????stars, and with just a few words, they were asked to present the supreme secret book involving the imperial realm, and they were also asked to assist in observing the origin of the entire cave world.
/“What does this mean? It’s just a matter of bowing to reality. There are many things in the bloody supernatural world that you haven’t experienced yet!” A famous figure from the Immortality Sect was also nearby and directly educated him.
“Don’t talk about us, let’s talk about Zixiao Palace, which is one of the best orthodox traditions on this mythical planet. However, eight thousand years ago, one of their female leaders was kidnapped while traveling in deep space. It is reported that she became someone else’s concubine.”
It seemed that it was a bit too much to mention the unbearable secret history of Zixiao Palace in front of the juniors. The old man quickly added, saying: “One of our ancestors was also very miserable back then. On a certain stretch of star road, he died nineteen times in a row. After a disastrous defeat and not even a win, can you understand the extremely depressing and tragic situation?”
Su Tong was speechless. These dark histories really made people silent. He quickly looked at Wang Xuan and said, “You didn’t hear anything, did you?”
In fact, those were words spoken to him alone by the elders in the church, transmitted through spiritual thoughts.
As a true immortal, Wang Xuan was right under his nose, how could he not hear it, but he could only be “puzzled” and said: “What are you talking about?”
Next, in a small area, the disciples of the four major religions were very angry and felt humiliated. Qi Sheng, the angry monkey from Wanling Sect, even smashed a mountain peak where he was sitting.
Two days later, news came from deep space, shocking the top leaders of the four major religions.
On this day, many people heard their angry roars. Immortal lights from the four major religions split the sky, and many figures appeared and flew away in starships.
“Chase, don’t let them go, you’re going too far to bully the immortals!” In this large cave, all the powerful true immortals who were stranded in the present world were dispatched. They were simply intolerable.
“It’s such a disgrace. What dignity does the four major religions have? This time the disgrace has reached deep space!” After Su Tong got the news, he wanted to imitate that monkey and wanted to smash the spiritual mountain where he lived.
On this day, the teeth of the top leaders of the four major religions were about to be broken. Not only their lungs, but also their intestines were about to explode, and their stomachs were filled with anger.
When Wang Xuan heard the news, he was also shocked. He didn’t come back to his senses for a long time. This world is really ruthless. Even the four strongest sects in the extraordinary world of Haichuan Star were tricked and harvested.