those celebrities who have not left their homeland, the old fans in their homeland are the base.

It’s different now.
Tribes and geeks merge.
Both sides are completely connected.
It is equivalent to the effect of one plus one being greater than two.
“Geek tribe?”
Lin Yuan knew that Zhongzhou would definitely take action.
I just didn’t expect that Zhongzhou Capital Circle didn’t take action on Xingmang first.
But lay out the Internet.
This fencing refers to blogging.
The plot is Blue Star’s largest social circle.
If successful, the geek tribe will control the mouthpiece of public opinion.
No matter how big the news the three gangsters make in the future, no one will know that they quietly limited their traffic.
It will also be much easier for them to create hot spots for their own people. Just promote it with big data from the Geek Tribe.
“It would be troublesome if they were left alone.”
Kaneki frowned: “Fortunately, the blog’s market is now big enough and it’s safe for the time being, but we can’t let them do anything about it. We have to find a way to compete with them for users. At the same time, we have to find a way to get more celebrities from all over the world to join us. But this requires bloggers to give us more shares in the company. The current shares are too few. Although we are doing it for ourselves, in the end they will definitely benefit the most.”
/“In fact, I have verbally communicated with them several times about the stock issue, and basically there is not much resistance. After all, they also know what the biggest reliance of blogs is. You only need to be responsible for attracting traffic. In terms of personal influence, there is no People have more charisma than you.”
Lin Yuan is quite good at diversion and other things.
This is a protracted battle, and Lin Yuan does not find it difficult to fight.
Whether we admit it or not, the fact before us is:
Lin Yuan, who owns shares in many companies, can be considered a member of the capital, just like his opponents in Zhongzhou.
Speaking of the issue of shares, Jin Mu suddenly remembered something: “It’s strange to say it. In fact, you have an old colleague of Xingmang at the blog. He is also one of the important shareholders of the blog now. Shares can be discussed. It went so smoothly, and he helped a lot.”
“Who else could it be?”
“Senior Yaohuo?”
Lin Yuan spoke with some uncertainty.
Jin Mu nodded, his eyes flashing:
“This young man is really scary. He seems to have foreseen today’s scene in advance, and he suddenly joined the blog’s shareholder camp at the end of last year.
The only reason I can think of for him to do this is to help you.
After all, the Internet has never been included in his career map.
I am afraid that he received some rumors in advance through his own network. After all, the Zhongzhou Consortium is not a piece of iron. ”
/Lin Yuan was startled.
But what Lin Yuan didn’t know was.
At that time, Sun Yaohuo was sitting in the office of a company under his