of the Blue Star Writers List.

This has now been achieved.
Lin Yuan originally thought that this goal would be achieved through concert works.
Never imagined.
Even before the concert started, he had already achieved his minimum goal.
It’s because I’m too small.
The project I made at the beginning of this year is really not challenging in terms of music and novels.
But the movie aspect is not so easy.
At the beginning of the year, my goal was to enter the top 20 of my own film and television list, but now I have basically made no progress.
It is estimated that it is unlikely to reach the top twenty before the end of the year.
It seems that next year’s plan will raise the requirements for music and novels and lower the standards for film and television.
Lin Yuanru thought.
And not long after Xianyu Music rose one place in the rankings, congratulations came from all sides!
Zheng Jing likes to joke.
Lu Sheng speaks rather rudely.
“I was the one who gave assists in this wave. Agai and I are really good. When everyone sees how fierce Agai and I are, you realize that you were the stronger one who defeated Agai and me.”
Abigail called all the time, just a little bit middle-aged, and as belligerent as ever.
Yang Zhongming is the most domineering.
Do you want Lao Yang to have to look up at Lin Yuan?
“I’ll try.”
Lin Yuan was startled.
Yang Zhongming’s sentence contains a lot of information.
After Yang Zhongming, everyone from the Yu Dynasty also called to express congratulations.
After Xia Fan said his congratulations, he suddenly said: “I want everyone to get together and do an episode of “Fish You Walk With” to promote the new movie, okay?”
new movie?
Lin Yuan was stunned for a moment, and then he realized that the new movie was “Resident Evil 2”.
Lao Zhou did tell himself some time ago that the company was considering the release schedule of “Resident Evil 2”.
“Then we will contact you then.”
This is Xia Fan’s movie, and it’s also his own movie. Lin Yuan doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with Yu Dynasty helping to promote it.
I still want to improve my movie ranking before the end of the year. A higher box office will definitely help the ranking.
It’s not just friends and family who send well wishes.
There are also numerous media reports on the changes in this list. .
“After Shadow Painting reaches the top, Chu Kuang and the fish all work together!” 》
“This is Nan Xian Yu Bei Chu Kuang!” 》
“The end of the year is approaching, will there be new changes at the top of the top list? 》
“The sprint phase at the end of the year is coming!” 》
“The competition on the list may become more intense!” 》
It’s October now.
/According to the practice of previous years, competition in various fields near the end of the year will indeed become more intense than before.
The end.
Lin Yuan also received a call from director Tong Shuwen: “Congratulations on improving the music ranking. By the way, our program has recently reached the semi-final stage.”