Lu Sheng and Zheng Jing were pondering.
The four commentators and the audience in the live broadcast room suddenly became confused.
Why do you feel like these two head coaches are so hesitant? The game is about to begin. What other secrets could be involved?
on site.
As the piano competition is about to begin, the atmosphere is getting feverish!
Not just the audience.
The core coaching staff from each continent are also a little restless.
“The piano competition should be fine for us.”
“Just watch Abigail and Yang Zhongming join forces for a decisive battle.”
“It doesn’t matter.”
“Let’s compete for the bronze medal.”
“Anyway, the gold and silver medals are hopeless, and the bronze medal is not low in gold content.”
Zhongzhou’s core coaching staff.
Abigail closed her eyes to relax.
The Qu dads next to them were a little nervous:
“Head coach?”
“Why are you nervous?”
Abigail didn’t even open her eyes: “The finals haven’t started yet.”
The fathers of Zhongzhou Qu suddenly felt at ease.
The first two rounds were all rookies pecking each other.
Regardless of Yang Zhongming or Abigail, music dads of their level will definitely only take action in the finals.
That’s a waste of work.
/Neither Yang Zhongming nor Abigail can afford to waste it.
Qinzhou core coaching staff.
Ye Zhiqiu said: “I’m starting to feel sorry for Agai.”
Yin Dong said with a paralyzed face: “If it were the other person, I would die of suffocation.”
“It’s not that exaggerated.”
Lin Yuan couldn’t help but feel guilty: “There is still a chance in the men’s team. Didn’t you say that Chris is very powerful?”
“Of course there is a chance.”
Yang Zhongming suddenly said: “In any case, take down the women’s team first.”
When the voice fell.
The stage host officially announced: “The women’s piano solo competition has officially begun!”
The Zhongzhou coaching staff.
Abigail finally opened her eyes, and the light inside them exploded!
on the stage.
The draws for contestants from all continents have been completed.
The order of appearance of all players in the Blue Club is determined by drawing lots.
Qinzhou team.
The three female contestants participating in the competition are named Nie Yan and Zhang Mei.
And Gu Xi.
Gu Xi is the youngest among all the contestants!
Although Gu Xi was hailed as the “Piano Goddess” by some media in Qinzhou, that was only relative to Gu Xi’s age.
At the Blue Music Festival.
/Compared with the top players from all continents, Gu Xi’s piano level can only be said to be average.
Gu Xi’s level was slightly lower than that of her two opponents, Nie Yan and Zhang Mei.
Gu Xi’s ability to represent Qinzhou in the competition naturally had her own personal reasons.
The most direct reason is that the competition repertoire provided by the coaching staff is very suitable for Gu Xi!
At this moment, Gu Xi looked at the sign in her hand, feeling helpless.
“Pick No. 1!”
A total of twenty-four players from all continents were drawn into the first lotte