s suddenly cheered one after another!

“Long live!”
“We really did it!”
“It took us two months to create an animated film. Does this count as a historical record for Blue Star?”
“Although some of the work was outsourced, spending money on various technologies, and all the preliminary work was completed by the shadow teacher in advance, the final realization of all this was inseparable from our two months of overtime work!”
“Ha ha ha ha!”
“I have seen the company claim online that it can finish a movie in two months. Many people didn’t believe it at all. Many people in the industry also said that our company was maliciously hyping up. Now that the finished product is out, why not hurry up and post the official blog? Face wave!?”
The animated film “Wall-E” has been officially produced. Everyone has done their part, including Lin Yuan’s animation soundtrack as Xianyu and related songs he recorded with Yu Dynasty. So at this moment, everyone All extremely excited!
You can’t blame the outside world for not believing it!
Even the employees at DreamWorks couldn’t believe that they actually spent two months producing an animated film with an investment of nearly 1 billion!
All right.
It was said to be close to one billion, but in fact, only about 600 million were used in the end. As for why the disparity is so outrageous, I’m afraid you have to ask Shadow.
wait wait wait!
Shadow took care of all the messy and extremely expensive places. If he was working for his boss, he would probably be able to finance nearly one-third of the investment in this movie, becoming a working emperor in the true sense.
Too bad he is the boss himself.
It’s like he saved all this money!
This was something Lin Yuan himself had not expected.
No one can make money from me.jpg?
However, this operation also made Lin Yuan understand that when he has made all the preparations required for a movie and basically only the technical issues need to be solved, the approximate time required is basically about two months, and it can even be accelerated to It’s more exaggerated, but it’s just not necessary.
Some people may want to use the earth as an example to emphasize that this is impossible.
The person who said this must be a good student, at least one who has never copied homework.
You know, even if it’s a Mathematical Olympiad-level problem, even if you think about it for several days before you can solve it,
The person who copies your homework may only need one minute.
Is the pen a high-tech product of Blue Star?
Can you increase your writing speed?
That’s twenty seconds at most, no more.
This explanation should be clear enough, right?
What animation film production cycle is long?
Even though Blue Star’s technology is very advanced, what actually takes time is just the process of thinking and coming to conclusions.
The shadow now is the guy who has skipped the thinking stage and copied the correct answer directly, using a high-tec