s in the future, after all, he has a lot of comic works in his mind.

But Shadow shouldn’t have to do it himself.
After all, Shadow had other things to be busy with.
/For example, the newly acquired sculpture skills.
Even traditional painting Shadow has other pursuits. For example, Shadow seems to have not published any oil paintings until now.
And at this time.
What Lin Yuan didn’t know was.
Because he invited too many people at once.
The blogger’s phone number has been bombarded by celebrity agents and major entertainment companies!
Geek tribe.
“Blue Star currently has too many social platforms, and if there are too many, it will be easy to get confused. The goal of our geek tribe this year is to unify Blue Star’s social platforms!”
“Is there any news from the blog?”
“They are also poaching people, but the effect is far worse than ours.”
“That’s natural.”
“Bloggers are no match for us.”
“The blog mainly has a lot of celebrities in Qizhou, mainly actors. After all, it is a local platform in Qizhou. After so many years of hard work, as for the foreign aid they have attracted from other continents, except for Xianyu Chu Kuang and Shadow, there is no other A person worthy of attention.”
“Those three alone are not enough.”
“In this kind of war between capital platforms, the power of individuals is minimal!”
“We, Mr. Ling, have finally avenged our great revenge.”
/The leaders of the geek tribe looked at a young man while they were joking.
It is volley.
Lingkong did not smile, however. He said in a deep voice: “You must not take it lightly, let alone underestimate those three people.”
Everyone was startled.
Immediately they all pouted.
This guy must be scared of being beaten by three gay friends.
The current geek tribe is the general trend. No matter how powerful three people are, is it possible that they can resist the joint efforts of so many capital parties in Central Continent and turn the world upside down?
Geek tribes are indeed the trend.
Many people on other platforms in various continents are confused.
“The situation is not good.”
“Our local stars are dwindling.”
“Many of them have started to join the geek tribe.”
“We have to find a way.”
“We can’t go on any longer.”
“I think we can also learn from tribes and geeks.”
“You mean joining forces with other platforms?”
“If things really get to that point, we can only learn from them and join forces.”
Blue Star has too many social platforms.
Competition among platforms that are too homogeneous will be fierce.
If a certain company becomes popular, platforms of the same type will be cannibalized, and no one is willing to sit back and wait.
Leaders are anxious.
“Mr. Xianyu hasn’t taken action yet? Didn’t Kaneki say that he would personally invite celebrities to blog?”
“It’s not that easy.”
“The stars that Xianyu knows are basically from the Qinzhou music scene, but the stars in Qinzhou are now in the geek tribe. Why should they give up the biggest platform and follow Xianyu to our blog?”
“I guess there won’t be ma