re to have two handsome and attractive magic weapons. I just used them for two rounds, and because their origins are unknown and they offended two royal families at the same time, they cannot be used openly.

Thinking of this, Lu Bei was heartbroken and leaned on Zhu Qilan’s shoulder in despair.
Push away ruthlessly.JPG
Fortunately, the problem is not big, Da Shitian is still waiting for the summons. In terms of output alone, Da Shitian, who has increased the Immortal Sword Intent, is still above the bow and arrow. When the Iron Sword Alliance gets involved, Da Shitian will kick Lin Buyan away and return. Return to the embrace of the Lord.
“It’s time to contact Jing Ji. The old boy promised to give me an elder sword, but it hasn’t been done until now. Calculating interest based on time, the value has increased to five.”
Lu Bei gritted his teeth bitterly. If Jing Ji had acted more quickly, how could he have ended up with a tragic victory over Mei Wangsu, a mere Mei Wangsu who was only one level above him, if he had been holding the elder sword today?
“What are you mumbling over there? Come here and practice dual cultivation!”
Zhu Qilan gave the order angrily. She had just mistakenly thought that a dead person had become a dead ghost. She couldn’t let go of her grief, and turned her grief into strength. She jumped repeatedly between derangements and demons. She had a breakthrough in her realm and needed both mend and full mana.
“It’s broad daylight and it’s in the wilderness. You really know how to pick a place.”
Lu Bei Wai Bi Wai Bi, took out the Shuangxuan Treasure Map, opened another private room, and led Zhu Qilan in.
The next day, the wilderness on the border of Yizhou.
Pillars of dust soared into the sky.
/Leader Ye of the Lingxin Sword Sect struggled to stand up from the tree. Her waist was sore and she was panting. She straightened her messy clothes and watched the couple leave. At the same time, she cursed Jing Ji in her heart.
Junior Brother Lu, who is in the Divine Transformation Realm, is comparing swordsmanship, and he clearly sent someone to beat her up.
Also, the woman who was traveling with Junior Brother Lu was very murderous. Even though we were strangers to each other, she seemed to be stabbing her with a knife in the eyes like an enemy who killed her father.
Headmaster Ye has a beautiful appearance and a rather good appearance. Compared with ordinary female swordsmen, she has a natural charm in her eyes. This is the kind of person the vixen is talking about.
Although Leader Ye is a well-known local strong woman who has led the Spiritual Heart Sword Sect to grow with her own qualifications and has never relied on the help of any male cultivator, her charming temperament is not very friendly to other women.
The key is that she is used to being clean and has no idea what her situation is.
Therefore, Master Ye does not have many friends.
/“The leader Ye just now is pretty good and is ready to go on the road. If the commander-in-chief leads troops to suppress bandits in the future, please