Bai Hui still asked Liu Changan for his opinion and waited for him to nod before placing the order. After all, if the dish was too unpalatable when the food was served, he would not laugh at her because he himself had nodded.

In the end, Bai Fen ordered a piece of healthy black tofu. The tofu totaled seven pieces and was about the same size as the usual stinky tofu, but Bai Fen was curious as to why it cost 168 yuan and wanted to try it.
I also ordered stir-fried live ginseng with farm meat. The ginseng was just sliced ??into one strip, and the chili was in a big bowl.
Finally, she ordered a Shaoyang pig’s blood meatball, winter bamboo shoots and bacon with rice, and a vegetable and sweet potato leaf. There was no need to order more for two people. Bai Fen didn’t eat much herself, but she believed Liu Changan had a stomach that was like some mythical beast.
“I saw the news about Guan Yuan among the classmates in our class. He is really in Brazil.” Guan Yuan had mentioned this when he communicated with the school. What about inheriting inheritance in Brazil? He didn’t pay attention to Guan Yuan deliberately, but as the squad leader, he still knew what was going on in his class.
Bai Hui becoming the class monitor fulfilled one of her wishes. After all, An Nuan had been the class monitor for three years in high school. She felt like she had been suppressed by An Nuan for three years. There was nothing she could do about it. Who made the class teacher Huang Shan be An Nuan’s mother? Oh, no, old classmate.
/“What are you doing in Brazil? Are you a gangster?” Liu Changan still has an impression of the 2016 Olympics. Only after comparing many things can he know how well he did. Since 2008, the Olympic Games held by these countries have become more rubbish every time. .
Of course, for many people, it is far more difficult to admit that their own country is doing well than to realize how bad other countries are.
“How do you know?” Bai Hui said in surprise, wondering if Liu Changan still had contact with Guan Yuan? After all, Liu Changan had buried Guan Yuan, so he might be worried that Guan Yuan would come to trouble him after he became successful in the underworld, so he occasionally paid attention to Guan Yuan.
“I just said it casually.” Liu Changan wanted to laugh a little. Guan Yuan really had the experience of being the protagonist of a campus novel.
Liu Changan is just a supporting role.
“He has posted some photos, all of which show him holding a gun or something. They are all very exaggerated, with the same equipment as the army.” Bai Hui never thought that he had ever known such a person. For a comfortable little citizen, It feels like every time a robbery happens around me, it seems dangerous and dangerous, and life is no longer safe.
/“Then wish him the best to dominate the Brazilian underground society.” Liu Changan said sincerely.
“What I’m worried about now is, will he send a killer back to kill you?” Bai Hui was not as relaxed as Liu Chang’an. She said worriedly, “After all, you buried him.”
Bai Hu