elatively worse, but he is only about 20% away from the target.

However, as a progress bar, the closer to the end, the higher the difficulty.
The two apprentices, Xue Liang and Feng Shuo, have now reached the limit of their abilities.
They couldn’t come up with a song that would make Sun Yaohuo and Jiang Kui completely break through to the top.
Even if they continue to write songs for Sun Yaohuo and Jiang Kui, they can only barely guarantee that these two people will not be ranked in the top ten.
So at this time, Lin Yuan had to take action.
Because if you want to advance to the first line, it’s not enough to finish in the top ten. You must have an achievement like a season championship to be the final word!
This is the embodiment of dominance!
“Representatives don’t have to be too stressed.”
/After Wu Yong finished explaining, his tone slowed down a little:
“Most of the other composing departments have not completed their tasks. At present, they have basically cultivated one front line. The company’s requirement is for each of our departments to launch two front lines. However, our progress is the worst, and we can’t even have one. Didn’t hold it out”
Lin Yuan said: “Inform Sun Yaohuo that he is going to come to the company and start recording songs.”
Wu Yong was stunned.
He thought Lin Yuan would choose Jiang Kui because Jiang Kui was closer to the front line, but Lin Yuan chose to support Sun Yaohuo first.
This Sun Yaohuo is really favored by the representative.
But, in this case, is it really too late?
“Representative, can’t you let Jiang Kui come in first?”
“This song suits Sun Yaohuo.”
“I see.”
Wu Yong hesitated for a moment, didn’t dare to say anything more, and hurriedly went out to call someone.
After Wu Yong left, assistant Gu Dong came forward to give Lin Yuan some tea, and then reminded him tactfully: “Representative, if you want to promote Teacher Sun Yaohuo to the front line, just writing a song may not be enough.”
Lin Yuan said casually.
At the end of last month, after Wu Yong mentioned this matter to Lin Yuan, Lin Yuan was thinking about what kind of songs to arrange for Sun Yaohuo.
Because this song must have a certain weight, he also thought about it for a long time.
Some time ago, he had already made a plan, and even completed the demo production of the song, just so as not to delay things. After all, it was already late August, and there was not much time left for Lin Yuan to help Sun Yaohuo record songs. many.
There happens to be a song that suits Sun Yaohuo very well.
The kind that fits perfectly from the voice line to the vocal range.
And the name of this song is: “Ten Years”.
That’s right, it’s “Ten Years”.
As we all know, there is also a Cantonese version of this song called “Next Year Today”.
It was with “Today Next Year” that Chen Yixun became popular in Hong Kong.
But at that time, Chen Yixun’s fame was still limited to small places like Xiangjiang, and his popularity in the mainland was not high.
Until a certain month in th