manager of Chu Kuang and Shadow. Anyway, Lin Yuan’s three vests have a very good relationship. It is not surprising that two vests share an agent. It’s just that Jin Mu’s performance is better than Lin Yuan’s. Too strong, Lin Yuan used to do it step by step, but Jin Mu would think for Lin Yuan, how to make his vest gain greater benefits.

Lin Yuan is very supportive of this.
If you expect capitalists to take the initiative to raise your salary, it is better to let your agent strive for greater benefits. This has nothing to do with morality, it is just a normal approach, especially now that the customization prices of various works in the system are getting higher and higher.
/The system does not limit high consumption.
Money is still something Lin Yuan needs very much!
“Representative Lin”
In the office of the composition department on the ninth floor, Shen Qing, the producer of the film department, looked at Lin Yuan with some embarrassment: “What do you want from me?”
Lin Yuan said: “I want to film a new movie.”
Shen Qing said: “So”
Lin Yuan said: “I still need a housekeeper.”
Shen Qing smiled.
Having worked with Lin Yuan on a movie, he certainly knew that the “big housekeeper” Lin Yuan meant was the producer.
The news that Lin Yuan is going to make a new movie has spread in the film department.
Shen Qing had guessed some reasons before being called over by Lin Yuan.
He was just a little surprised.
Unexpectedly, when he was clearly not optimistic about “Tang Bohu Spots Qiuxiang” before, Representative Lin was willing to continue to let him be his new film producer.
At this moment, Shen Qing felt a little moved in her heart.
Of course, Shen Qing also heard that Lin Yuan’s new film will take a suspense route and does not plan to continue making nonsensical comedies.
But so what?
After the last cooperation, no matter what Representative Lin plans to make in his new film, Shen Qing will not have a second thought. He just raised his voice slightly and said:
“I’m OK.”
Before Shen Qing could finish her words, a burst of laughter suddenly came from outside the door: “It’s all fine with the housekeeper, and I’m sure I’ll be fine with Lao Yi. I’ll fight wherever Representative Lin points out!”
Those who come are easy to succeed.
It was Lin Yuan who informed the two of them to come over this morning. The producer and director of “The Tuner”, Lin Yuan chose people he was familiar with.
“Yi Dao.”
Shen Qing smiled and greeted Yi Chenggong, not surprised that Lin Yuan continued to choose Yi Chenggong as director.
Although the categories of new movies span a lot, Shen Qing knows Lin Yuan’s style
Representative Lin’s drama is a typical screenwriter core system.
Therefore, on the set of Representative Lin, the director is just a tool man. Yi Chenggong only needs to follow the requirements of the script and shoot step by step.
“The script is here, you two can take a look.”
Lin Yuan distributed the printed script of “The Tuner” to the two of them.
The two stopped talking and read the script quietly.