r who comes first. Anyway, his system music library is always ready, and the speed of album production can be said to be unrivaled in the world.

This is indeed the case.
/The success of this album today is the best proof.
And in the following days.
Lin Yuanlu finally finished writing the 120 chapters of “Dream of Red Mansions” and handed it over to Yinlan Bookstore for publication.
at the same time.
This is a work full of masterpiece attributes.
All kinds of foreshadowing.
The story ends tragically.
However, although the ending is tragic, it does not prevent readers from receiving rave reviews!
“It’s so well written.”
“It took me three days to read it, and the ending is very shocking. This is the strength of Blue Star’s top writers.”
“Yes, when I see a tragedy, I think of the old thief.”
“Do you think the ending of “Dream of Red Mansions” is not a tragedy?”
“With Chu Kuang’s urinary nature, “Dream of Red Mansions” will probably follow the route of group destruction like Water Margin.”
“Don’t scare me!”
“It doesn’t matter if it scares you or not, you’re used to it.”
“When reading the old thief’s book, you must have such expectations in your heart, otherwise the cliffhanger at the end will make you curse. However, his ending is a tragedy, but it is not a bad ending. So you can call him cruel, but you can’t call him anticlimactic. .”
“Do you think Lin Yuan can successfully climb to the top?”
“Before watching “Parchment”, I felt he could do it. After watching it, I felt hard to say, the old man’s sword is still young.”
“The old thief’s current line is very stable, and he should have a dozen.”
“Whether it succeeds or not, the quality of “Parchment” is definitely worthy of being at the top of the literary charts.”
The last day of February.
“A Dream of Red Mansions” published by Yinlan Bookstore is officially launched!
Because Lin Yuan had already written the previous chapters in the live broadcast, after many people got the book, some people skipped the early stages and started reading.
However, some people read it from the beginning and are afraid that there will be some modifications and polishes in the middle.
In fact, no, the content broadcast live is also the final version.
This makes the outside world have to lament Chu Kuang’s willfulness. He dared to post the content he wrote in a hurry during the live broadcast. It happened that the time was rushed, but the content was unfolded in a leisurely manner.
And when “A Dream of Red Mansions” completely appeared in the Blue Star literary world.
Readers who got a glimpse of the whole picture finally fell into a dream of Red Mansions one after another!
“Extremely imitating the differences between human feelings and the world, and preparing to write about the joys and sorrows of separation and reunion. This book should be the highest peak of Chu Kuang’s creative career. I don’t know if he can surpass himself in the future, but it can be said with certainty that Teacher Yin Shi’s “Parchment” “After all, it was slightl