m, an even more horrifying scene appeared!

There is a man in the bathroom!
The man held a gun in his hand and pointed it firmly at Ye Shen.
“This man is an adulterer!”
Ye Shen bit his lips desperately, pretending to be calm after going to the toilet, flushed, and then returned to the living room.
The movie goes into flashback.
It turns out that the beautiful young woman Jiang Yan cheated on her with the man in the bathroom, and the reason for the cheating was that Su Tai lied to his wife that he was going on a business trip today, but suddenly he responded with red wine and flowers, hoping to surprise his wife, including Ye Shen came to play the piano, which was part of Ye Shen’s surprise.
Surprise turned into shock
/He was shot to death by a cheating man
“I’m blind, I’m blind, I can’t see.”
Ye Shen kept reminding himself in his heart, and then played the piano in the room with blood on the floor. Su Tai, who had been dead for an unknown period of time on the sofa, was facing Ye Shen’s direction. Behind him, the hostess was pointing a gun at him. head.
The picture is extremely weird!
And in the midst of this extremely weird and terrifying scene, a new piano music appeared.
It’s “Dream Wedding”!
This music seems to be full of sadness, as if it is lamenting Su Tai’s death, and it seems to be mocking the current situation. It instantly makes the audience’s hearts fluctuate with this piano music.
The audience in the theater seemed to be completely immersed in the music at this moment.
And the cruel picture that is extremely asymmetrical with the sadness and beauty told by the music is:
Jiang Yan and the adulterer began to move Su Tai’s body, hide it in the suitcase, and then clean up the blood stains
All this is done under the eyes of the male protagonist.
It wasn’t until the adulterer left dragging the suitcase containing the body that Darry suddenly came back to his senses.
His eyes suddenly widened: “The song just now”
Zhang Bin, who also realized something, suddenly started breathing rapidly.
Because the plot was too tense and exciting at this point, they almost ignored the music.
But ignoring does not mean closing the ears!
Although the piano music had ended by the time they came to their senses completely, the feelings brought about by the music were dense and accumulated, forming a great shock based on the plot!
“As expected of Xianyu”
Zhang Bin murmured, not knowing whether he was commenting on the exquisite plot design or expressing his appreciation for how beautiful the song was.
Darry was speechless. He just swallowed and felt an unknown feeling in his heart, so much so that he had goosebumps all over his body.
The same feeling, of course, also appeared in other audiences in the theater.
“Did you hear that”
“That song just now”
/“Better than the one at the beginning”
“I really want to hear it again!”
“Beautiful, sad, gentle, cruel”
“Is this Xianyu’s response?”
“Watch the movie first”
Someone took a deep breath.
The music is no longer the focus, because the plo