can’t take away the scepter, it belongs to you.”

“You gave up so soon?” Wei Renwu couldn’t believe it.
“I can’t beat you.” “White Horse Thief” admitted this calmly.
Wei Renwu still said tentatively: “Aren’t you going to give it a try?”
“White Horse Thief” shook his head and said, “I never do anything I’m not sure about. My top priority now is how to escape from you.”
Wei Renwu said: “It seems that you can see the situation very well, so should you just surrender and capture him?”
/As soon as the word “he” came out, Wei Renwu rushed forward with a sprint.
The “White Horse Thief” hurriedly dodged back and said, “I just said, I never do anything I’m not sure of.”
The “White Horse Thief” suddenly threw two objects similar to table tennis balls to the ground with both hands, and Wei Renwu’s eyes were suddenly covered in smoke.
The sound became smaller and smaller, the smoke gradually dispersed, and the “White Horse Thief” also disappeared with the smoke.
Wei Renwu shouted to the empty space: “Next time, I won’t let you escape again.”
In the end, the “White Horse Thief” ran away, but the scepter was taken back by Wei Renwu, and although it took a while, the real Guo Ling was rescued. This result was enough to satisfy Mr. Yu.
Although Wei Renwu regretted the escape of the “White Horse Thief”, he was not disappointed because his purpose was not to catch the “White Horse Thief”. What he really cared about was the transaction with Mr. Yu.
In the office of the Capital Museum, Wei Renwu and Mr. Yu met alone.
Mr. Yu said politely: “Wei Renwu, first of all I want to thank you for recovering Tutankhamun’s scepter and saving the face of the country.”
Wei Renwu smoked a cigarette and said impatiently: “Okay, Mr. Yu, please put aside the polite words and let’s talk about what you promised me.”
Mr. Yu laughed and said: “No problem, as long as I can do anything I can, I will definitely help you.”
Wei Renwu said seriously: “Mr. Yu, your department has great powers. If you want to help me, it will be easy. Besides, I just want to find out the whereabouts of one person.”
Mr. Yu said: “It doesn’t sound like anything particularly difficult. Let me guess that you have been tracking down the ‘Feng Shen Hui’. Do you want to ask someone from the ‘Feng Shen Hui’?”
Wei Renwu shook his head and said: “No, compared with the person I want to ask, the Fengshenhui is like a group of elementary school students meeting postdocs. I am not asking about the Fengshenhui. The person I want to ask, He is definitely the most dangerous person in the world.”
“Then who do you want to ask?” Mr. Yu simply couldn’t think of anyone who could be more terrifying than the “Feng Shen Hui”.
Wei Renwu swallowed his saliva and said with a trembling voice: “The person I want to ask is”
1. Anger
“I’m sorry, I really don’t know his whereabouts.” Mr. Yu said very apologetically.
“Can’t even your department find out his whereabouts?” Wei Renwu spoke excitedly and seemed very disappointed.
Mr. Yu shook his head and said, “I’m afraid no one can know his