always been relatively high. Of course, due to the discounts provided by the Soldiers Association, ordinary sniper soldiers can have their own special sniper rifle after passing the assessment.

Even if sniper warriors do not have enough credit points, I believe that due to the tight demand for sniper warriors, there will be many businessmen who want to invest in sniper warriors.
“Hey, is there a mistake in the price of this sniper rifle?” David asked in confusion, pointing to a special sniper rifle that was entirely red and had a ferocious appearance.
/Because the price tag on the special sniper rifle was 80 million credit points. The price was so high that David couldn’t help but be frightened.
/“Mr. David, you make your own choice!” Director Hobson twitched the corner of his mouth and then said.
The price of the ‘Godolphin’s Wrath’ sniper rifle is still the same as when Daryl purchased it many years ago. This is a special collection. If it is sold at this price, it will definitely be snapped up by people.
“David, choose it. If you don’t have enough credit, I’ll borrow it for you!” Furness gently pushed David and said softly.
“Is it a good thing?” David turned around and asked.
“Absolutely good stuff, and the price is not expensive!” Furness glanced at Director Hobson next to him and stopped their conversation. After a brief explanation, he stopped talking.
Because only the soldier himself has the right to make important decisions related to his life, and other people’s suggestions will only affect the soldier’s choice.
This is also a rule that has been developed after many years of practice.
Soldiers are an extremely dangerous profession. Although they have strong attack and defense power, a higher social status than ordinary people, and various privileges, they are always accompanied by danger. The most reliable thing is their own weapons and equipment. .
“I choose this ‘Godolphin’s Wrath’!” David believed that Furness would not lie to him, and he also did not think that the Soldiers Association would fool him with items that did not meet the value.
“Okay, please choose another exoskeleton armor!” Director Hobson felt nervous. He didn’t know whether it was right or wrong to sell ‘Godolphin’s Wrath’. He always had a bad feeling in his heart. .
But the rules are the rules, and the weapons and equipment here can be freely chosen by David.
It’s just that he didn’t expect that David turned out to be a sniper soldier. He couldn’t do what Mervyn Chaofan told him, because David successfully passed the sniper soldier assessment, so the weapon David could buy would only be one. A special sniper rifle.
David began to look for exoskeleton armors. There were many varieties of exoskeleton armors here. He looked at them again and again. They were all ordinary, even inferior to the military’s land lion exoskeleton armors.
In fact, this is the level of equipment provided by the Military Association for new military personnel who have passed the examination. The exoskeleton armors here are all mass-produced goods. T