ntarctica, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time.

The so-called guessing game is also simple:
Take out three medium-sized opaque cups, one of which covers a dollar, then quickly shuffle the order, and finally ask Antarctica to guess which cup the dollar is in.
Lin Yuan’s professional piano skills came into play. His hand speed was extremely fast, almost dazzling, but his movements were also very graceful.
Soon, assistant Gu Dong, who was guessing riddles with Anji next to him, was stunned.
Originally, this was nothing. Representative Lin had fast hands.
But the problem was that when Gu Dong guessed wrong every time, Anji guessed correctly every time, and the dog’s paw could always find the cup with the coins hidden in it easily.
This made Gu Dong depressed.
She felt like she was worse than a dog.
What Gu Dong didn’t notice was that Zhang Xiuming, the leading actor in the movie “Hachi”, who had been quietly staring at Lin Yuan next to him, also coughed to himself, and then looked at Antarctica with a strange look.
Obviously, he had been secretly guessing for a while, but failed miserably.
“You win, eat.”
Lin Yuan opened a box of dog snacks for Anji.
Anji waggled his tail and ate happily.
Lin Yuan said to Nanji: “Eat slowly and I will tell you the script.”
Lin Yuan slowly began to talk to Anji.
Gu Dong:
Zhang Xiuming:
Is Representative Lin serious?
There are people in this world who can tell tricks to dogs?
For those who didn’t know, I thought Antarctica was played by a real person wearing dog skin.
/All right.
Some people will communicate with animals in this way. They don’t care whether the animals can understand it, as long as they think they can understand it.
In daily life, don’t you always see a certain owner chatting seriously with his pet cats and dogs?
Perhaps Representative Lin is like this.
The two of them were thinking this way, but they didn’t take it too seriously.
But when it came time to actually shoot in the afternoon, something happened that shocked the two of them and even the entire crew.
Antarctica’s acting skills are soaring!
This description may be a bit difficult to understand. To be precise, Antarctica is actually acting according to the script!
Whatever Lin Yuan asked Anji to do, Anji would do it!
Even Lin Yuan would go out of his way to correct Anji because his movements were not in place.
For example, at this time, Representative Lin said to Anji seriously: “You are running too fast, and the camera position is not moving beautifully. You have to slow down and take this route. If you go wrong, you will be out of the camera.”
Many senior crew members who had worked with Lin Yuan during the “Tang Bohu Spots Autumn Fragrance” period suddenly recalled the scene of Lin Yuan training the leading actor He Sheng.
That time too.
He Sheng, who could never act well, suddenly developed incredible acting skills after being trained by Representative Lin.
The drama that he couldn’t get through before? Representative Lin Yijiao? He seemed to understand everything, as if Re