simple Xiao Yue go?”

Yue Ming said ashamedly: “Let me believe you for once, but you made such a fuss today, which makes Brother Qian a little embarrassed. You must know that Brother Qian invited us with good intentions. Although the food is not to your liking, his There is nothing inherently wrong, right?”
Wei Renwu nodded and said: “You are right. I also feel that I owe him a bit. How about this? Let’s go find him again tomorrow.”
“Going to find him again? Let others treat us again? Are we too thick-skinned?” Yue Ming really couldn’t agree with Wei Renwu’s idea.
“Bah!” Wei Renwu said harshly, “Who do you think I am? Am I the kind of person who eats and drinks around?”
Yue Ming pursed his lips and said, “It seems to be true.”
Wei Renwu put out the cigarette, pointed at his nose with his thumb and said: “I’m not that kind of person. What I mean is that tomorrow we will go find him again and treat him to a meal to save some face. Besides, we can treat him as well.” Why not choose a restaurant that suits my taste.”
Yue Ming questioned: “Are we treating? I’m afraid it’s me.”
Wei Renwu rolled his eyes at Yue Ming and said coldly: “Then will you invite me or not?”
Yue Ming sighed softly and said, “I’ll just ask you. Anyway, I feel I’m sorry for Brother Qian today, so just think of me as apologizing to him.”
/ Twenty-eight, no-shows and no-shows
It seems that if you have to wait for Wei Renwu to wake up naturally, you may have to wait until tomorrow morning. Yue Ming can only wake up Wei Renwu in person. You know, it was Wei Renwu who proposed to invite Long Qian to this dinner. If he does not attend, then what will happen next? The second banquet is of little significance.
Yue Ming rushed into Wei Renwu’s room and shouted to Wei Renwu who was wrapped in sheets on the bed: “Get up! The sun is shining on your butt!”
Wei Renwu was not actually sleeping, he was just lying on the bed. He replied in an extremely weak voice: “I can’t get up.”
Seeing that Wei Renwu was unwilling to get up, Yue Ming went to lift Wei Renwu’s quilt, but Wei Renwu hugged him tightly. Yue Ming shouted: “Now that you’re awake, get up quickly. You forgot that we are going to have a banquet tonight.” Brother Qian?”
Wei Renwu said: “I didn’t forget. I just have a stomachache. I must have eaten skewers last night and got a bad stomach.”
When Yue Ming heard that Wei Renwu claimed to be sick and was unwilling to get up, he immediately became anxious. He said anxiously: “Mr. Wei, don’t pretend, get up quickly. I know you are not sick.”
“Oh, what’s wrong with you kid? I’m really sick!” Wei Renwu shouted, vowing to defend the sheets to the death.
“I made a special trip to make an appointment with Brother Qian, and finally someone agreed to have a dinner with us regardless of their previous grudges. How can you just say you’re sick?” Yue Ming was too embarrassed to cancel the dinner. Wouldn’t this offend people even more?
Wei Renwu said: “Since we have made an appointment, you can go. It’s your treat anyway. Whether I go or not is not that im