with Wei Renwu, so I need the details of this case.”

Lin Xingchen turned his face sideways and said, “Okay, I’ll help you.”
Quan Kai said excitedly: “Really? Are you really willing to help me?”
Lin Xingchen laughed and said: “Anyway, I also want to know about this case, and I will tell you by the way.”
Quan Kai was about to hug Lin Xingchen to express his gratitude, but suddenly his mind changed and he remembered that Lin Xingchen was a girl. He could only say in words: “Thank you! Thank you! Xingchen.”
/“When it’s done, remember to treat me to dinner.”
In the office, Lin Yan stood by the window, looking at the students coming and going outside the window, and said, “Professor Yang, there are really good talents among the students admitted this time!”
Professor Yang sat on his leather swivel chair and said, “Yes, there are two students among them, but they are called the ‘saviors’ of the police.”
Professor Yang is about fifty years old, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, a goatee, and a purple evening gown.
“I should have met the two people you mentioned.”
“What do you think of them?”
“Full open, I have read about his deeds in the newspaper before. When I met him this time, I found that he was a relatively reserved little boy. Although he had great potential, he was still too young. The other Wei Renwu seemed even more arrogant. Some are more self-aware and have their own way of doing things and saying things, but they are also very powerful. His reasoning thinking has surpassed his age. To exaggerate, it is no less than a mature police detective, but “Lin When Yan said this, his brows began to furrow.
“Just what?”
“It’s just that if he is trained well, he will be an excellent police detective. If he is not trained well, he may become a nightmare for all police officers – an excellent criminal.”
Professor Yang burst into laughter and said with a smile: “What you said is correct, but I am very confident in this Wei Renwu.”
Lin Yan returned to Professor Yang and asked curiously, “Does Professor Yang have any different opinions?”
Professor Yang said: “Do you know who Wei Renwu’s father is?”
“have no idea.”
“If I tell him his name, you must know him.”
“Wei Zhen.”
/Lin Yan was extremely shocked when he heard this name. This name was extremely magical. No one who worked as a police officer did not know this name.
Who is Wei Zhen? He is also a policeman, but he is not an ordinary policeman. He is simply a police myth.
Once, he and another policeman went to investigate a drug lord’s den, but unfortunately they were ambushed. At that time, the two policemen only had one gun and twenty-four rounds each, and they faced twenty-four rounds. With four machines, the final result was that Wei Zhen’s companions were sacrificed at the beginning of the fight, but he fired twenty-four rounds without wasting a single one, killing all the criminals.
Another time, seven or eight criminals were robbing a bank. When the police received the call, they quickly surrounded the bank. However, the criminal