ajor forces and has chosen one of them, he will not have too much interaction with the other forces.

“Mr. David, the Military Association has the richest military resources, the largest internal military trading network, massive resources and a large number of tasks, which is suitable for the development of military personnel in any period!” Director Hobson continued to introduce. road.
He saw David’s assessment results, so he recognized David as the talented soldier the Military Association needed most, but his efforts could only be in vain.
“Director Hobson, David is my teacher’s new disciple!” Furness finally couldn’t hold it back and reminded him.
/This sentence made Director Hobson shut up immediately and let him snatch an extraordinary disciple. He did not have the guts.
“Mr. David, I will take you to the equipment warehouse. Please follow me!” Director Hobson said with a forced smile.
The equipment warehouse was on the 30th floor of the Soldiers Association. David was sitting in the high-speed elevator and saw the row of floor numbers on the elevator. The largest number was as high as the 90th floor. He couldn’t help but sigh at the difference in Na’an City.
After the elevator door opened, what David saw was a hall. The entire hall was made entirely of special alloy, showing the importance of this place.
There were several people sitting at the metal tables in the hall, rummaging through the projected equipment.
Director Hobson came to an unoccupied metal table and scanned it with his ID bracelet, and a projection appeared.
“Mr. David, please use your identity bracelet to activate viewing permissions!” He said to David beside him.
David scanned his ID bracelet on the projection, and a page quickly appeared.
It shows that this is all the equipment that David Kerr can purchase, including two parts, one is an exoskeleton armor, and the other is a special sniper rifle.
David didn’t look at the exoskeleton armor. He switched directly to the dedicated sniper rifle page.
There are a total of five special sniper rifles on the entire page, four of which are priced at around 5 million to 8 million credits.
In fact, special sniper rifles use a large amount of grade metal. Although the quantity is not as huge as those of heavy-grade weapons, the grade metal required for sniper rifles requires special preparation.
The requirement for a special sniper rifle is not sharpness, but endurance. It can survive repeated firing of first and second grade bullets. Under that huge impact, the service life of the special sniper rifle still needs to be maintained.
At the same time, all accessories of the special sniper rifle must not be easily deformed, especially after shooting high-grade bullets, which will be affected by strong recoil and will not suffer mechanical wear and error.
/You must know that as long as there is a slight accessory problem with a special sniper rifle, it will bring about a huge difference in accuracy, which is a fatal matter on the battlefield.
Therefore, the price of special sniper rifles has