River Bridge, you have to look out to see if there are any fish stars in the water.

Rivers are also roads. Regarding his senior brother’s firm determination to follow the road, Lu Bei sighed to himself. He happened to have nothing to do and agreed to go fishing with him.
People came out of Lubei, Lin Yu came out with fishing gear, and the river came out with fish, and the matter was settled.
Beijun Mountain has complex underground water veins, rivers, numerous streams and rivers, and a large lake. It has a unique geographical advantage and is a natural air force training base.
Along the way, Lin Yu pointed to the large and small rivers and proudly told Lu Bei that he raised all the fish here.
What’s there to be proud of?
Lu Bei complained in his heart, and Lin Yuwu was so proud of himself that he led Lu Bei around seven times and eight times, avoiding the formation restrictions in the mountains, and finally stopped at a river and returned to the bay.
The river, which is less than ten meters wide, is affected by mountain rains, droughts and floods, making it a good place for fire protection.
According to Lin Yu, the fish here in Beijun Mountain are the most sincere, and he never had time to fish here.
I don’t usually come here because the river bay is too close to the Enforcement Court Bay and there is a risk of being caught on the spot.
In Beijun Mountain, fishing is prohibited. The specific reasons cannot be discussed in detail.
All we can say is that the leader has an order, and anyone who reports on fishing in the mountains will be heavily rewarded.
In addition, Lu Zhangyuan of the Law Enforcement Academy took the lead in patrolling. Once a fisherman is found, he will immediately be tied up and sent to the Law Enforcement Academy to deal with it according to the rules of the law. The minimum is to face the wall for ten days, and the worst is to be in seclusion for half a year.
The pressure came on a certain air force guy who did not want to be named. In order to avoid being chased and reported by his fellow students, he leisurely swung the pole without being discovered. He practiced hard to reach the state of transformation into a god, and also developed a set of stealth Qi-condensing skills that could hide the enemy from the outside world.
Although due to the huge disparity in realms, it is impossible to fool the Void Refining Realm monks and can only fool those with lower cultivation levels than themselves, but the Lingxiao Sword Sect only has a few Void Refining Realms, which is enough.
/Lin Yu asked Lu Bei to go fishing for the above reasons. As we all know, the junior brother was very popular with Lu Zhangyuan, and inviting him to fish together was like having a talisman, so he would not be afraid of being caught when he was brazen.
Lu Bei had no idea about this. Lin Yu was busy making preparations while he sat on the wooden folding stool, opened his personal panel, and began to practice the Immortal Sword Intent.
The top cultivation qualifications are not said to be new, but there are also a