tion on the lake, smiling, with a look of intoxication on his face.

Your sister!
What’s going on?
Wei Xiaobei coughed lightly. The golden flower did not move. He still looked at the reflection dreamily. From time to time, he would say two words: “It’s hard to give up on natural beauty. A stunning beauty like me should make countless men bow to her. Under the pomegranate skirt.”
Wei Xiaobei really didn’t want to eavesdrop on others talking to themselves, but it was not Wei Xiaobei’s fault that his ears were too flexible.
After listening to this golden flower talking to himself, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but laugh.
After working on it for a long time, this golden flower was fascinated by its own reflection.
But having said that, as an ordinary person, after the sensitivity, persuasion, and personal attractiveness have increased by 7 points, his temperament has naturally been greatly improved, not to mention that his willpower has been weakened by two points, plus Zhang Jinhua’s original Compared with narcissism, several factors are mixed together to produce the Narcissus effect.
It is impossible for an ordinary person like Zhang Jinhua to escape from this kind of Narcissus effect.
Zhang Jinhua was not harmful to him, so although Wei Xiaobei had the urge to beat Zhang Jinhua to death, he still threw a stone.
The stone fell into the lake, causing ripples and shattering Zhang Jinhua’s reflection.
As the reflection shattered, Zhang Jinhua’s originally narcissistic expression was stunned. The next moment, Wei Xiaobei dragged her away from the water.
“what are you doing?”
Zhang Jinhua shouted angrily at Wei Xiaobei.
“Give me back my beauty!”
There is no doubt that Zhang Jinhua was deeply poisoned.
This actually made Wei Xiaobei regret letting this golden flower try the food.
/After all, they are treasure-level dishes. If there are any side effects, it would be difficult for ordinary people to bear.
If this ordinary person has some character flaws, the harm will be even deeper.
“You are already beautiful enough. You don’t have to stare at the water anymore. You are more beautiful than your reflection in the water.”
In order to make up for the consequences of his carelessness, Wei Xiaobei had to hold back the slightest feeling of nausea and praised him shamelessly.
“Really? What you said is true? Am I beautiful?”
Perhaps he rarely received praise from others. Wei Xiaobei’s words almost made Zhang Jinhua look like he couldn’t believe it. But the next moment, Zhang Jinhua began to talk to himself again: “It must be like this, yes, this kid is peeping This girl has been here for so long, how could she get it wrong?”
Well, Wei Xiaobei admitted that either he was worrying too much, or this golden flower was not a normal human being at all.
/Being narcissistic to such an extent is beyond the reach of ordinary humans.
Wei Xiaobei decided to ignore Zhang Jinhua for the time being. He set up the pots by the lakeside and prepared to take advantage of the blessing effect brought by Ford Tea. He completed th