ter drove me to school to study. Wouldn’t this cost me my life? I just want to go back to school to show off, does bragging really mean I have to pay taxes?

No matter what Huang Kun thought, this matter was decided by Wei Xiaobei.
As for going back to school, it’s very simple. The biggest sponsor of that school is Huang Kun’s mother, Zhou Rong. Zhou Rong doesn’t need to come forward for such a trivial matter.
Wei Xiaobei told Zhou Rong’s secretary, and the matter was quickly settled.
In order to show his concern for his apprentice, the next morning, after morning exercises and breakfast, Wei Xiaobei even drove the miserable Huang Kun to the school gate and told Huang Kun not to use it in the school. Kung Fu and so on.
Huang Kun, who was cursed by his master, felt extremely bad after entering the classroom. Even the bragging he had planned before was gone.
You’re not even allowed to use kung fu, and you’re just showing off.
Not to mention the depressed Huang Kun, but Wei Xiaobei, after returning to the martial arts gym, suddenly remembered that besides Huang Kun, there seemed to be another student at home?
“Xinyi, are you ready to go to school?”
Wei Xiaobei saw Zhu Xinyi who was sparring with a licker in the outdoor martial arts arena, and asked.
Compared to Huang Kun, Zhu Xinyi’s performance on this matter was extremely dull.
In Zhu Xinyi’s view, she no longer needs to rely on reading to realize her life, so reading has become a dispensable thing.
But if she could continue studying, Zhu Xinyi would not object. After all, her wonderful college life ended in less than half a year. Thinking about it, she felt a little regretful.
Seeing that Zhu Xinyi did not object to this, Wei Xiaobei took out the phone, thought about it, and handed the matter over to Shan Bing.
Compared to Zhou Xingyuan, Shanbing was undoubtedly more effective in this regard. You must know that the entire infrastructure project of Cuihu University was basically taken care of by Shanbing and his father’s group.
Shan Bing was a little surprised when he got Wei Xiaobei’s phone number. It wasn’t that he had forgotten about Wei Xiaobei after leaving the gray world. It was just that Wei Xiaobei didn’t call him. He didn’t dare to call him at all. He used Wei Xiaobei’s phone number. What Bei told him was, I’m very busy, so don’t bother me if you have nothing to do! Otherwise I will crush you to death.
After learning what Wei Xiaobei meant, Shan Bing was extremely enthusiastic and said that he would leave the matter to him.
The only little trouble was that when Shan Bing heard that he was transferring school status to Wei Xiaobei’s female apprentice, he immediately felt a little bit sick and tried to visit the martial arts school directly.
Wei Xiaobei knew that such a situation might arise if he asked this boy to do something, but Zhu Xinyi who was beside him smiled and made a gesture to let him come.
What does this female apprentice want to do? Do you want to catch a rich husband?
/Wei Xiaobei felt a little sad in his heart for no reason.