“Don’t be afraid, that woman is difficult to deal with, but mother will help you. Let’s join hands and give birth to her if you want her to.”

“Thank you godmother for your kindness, but forceful melons are not sweet. I will listen to my elder brother this time.”
Joining forces with Hu Er is not a question of whether Tai Tu will have children, but how many. However, this woman is not a good person. Dual cultivation can be done, but dual cultivation is not. It is good for everyone to keep a certain distance.
“Good brother!”
Hu San jumped up on the spot, hugged Lu Bei and was so excited that he couldn’t speak incoherently, and patted his back.
“While I’m at it, I’ve already talked about your business.”
Hu Er slapped Hu Er with his backhand, grabbed Hu San with his big blue claws, and threw him aside.
“Good boy, if you speak with your conscience in mind, will the Tutor be annoying or hateful?”
Mr. Hu Er is tireless in his deception and tries to guide Lu Bei to take the initiative. After all, he is the one who is responsible for doing things. If he doesn’t participate, no matter how good the plan is, it will just be on paper.
It was a familiar scene. The Lezi people had also used this move to stimulate generals. Lu Bei learned a lesson from the experience and did not try this trick at all. He directly threw the king bomb and said with a meaningful smile: “I don’t know if the master hates children. But she was quite cute when she was a child, and she could cry for a long time if she was punched.”
“When you were a child?” Hu Er was stunned when he heard this.
“Godmother, don’t you know?”
Lu Bei was surprised and said happily: “Zhu Xiushi didn’t tell you. I thought I wouldn’t dare to say anything to anyone, even if I dare to fall in love with her, there will be times when she gives up.”
After saying that, he smiled and took out a jade slip from his arms.
“It’s Chinese New Year, so I don’t have much gifts to give to my godmother. It’s disrespectful to be too small. I wish my godmother always smiles.”
It records the dark history of the Taifu, which has not been revealed yet. After all, he is a cruel and evil Taifu. He does not have the strength to survive the tribulation period, so he cannot afford to take advantage of this.
“It’s so mysterious, I want to see what it is, mother.”
“Eh? Eh! Eh”
Hu Er took the jade slip and his spiritual thoughts sank into it. His expression changed from curiosity to shock, and finally to ecstasy.
/“Wonderful! Wonderful!!”
Hearty laughter echoed over the garden, scaring the little foxes into running away.
“I also wish my mother to have a son soon!”
Fox San kept his mouth open and came close to his mother: “I know that my second brother is the best at drinking ecstasy soup. Mother, please show me what good stuff it is. I almost made you laugh away.”
As expected, he was slapped aside by Hu Eryi again.
“Are you qualified to interfere in matters between elders?”
/Hu Er glared at Bai Quan angrily, stood up and came to Lu Bei’s side, hugging his godson: “Good boy