tentacles and tried to drive Wei Xiaobei away, Wei Xiaobei had already opened three such holes in the Thousand-Eyed Monster’s body.

And when thousands of tentacles spread out in all directions with the Thousand-Eyed Monster at the center, driving Wei Xiaobei away, a handful of Tyrannosaurus Rex daggers were shot out of Wei Xiaobei’s hands.
Wei Xiaobei’s peak pseudo-hidden weapon skill allows him to hit targets the size of eyes within fifty meters. What’s more, the Thousand-Eyed Monster’s upper body is covered with eyes. Even if he doesn’t aim, he only needs to throw the dagger into the Thousand-Eyed Monster’s range. Can easily hit the eye.
The Tyrannosaurus Rex daggers carry huge force and instantly break the eyeballs. Afterwards, the daggers will sink more than half a meter into the Thousand-Eyed Monster’s body.
Although the body of the Thousand-Eyed Monster is very large, it exceeds thirty meters if the tentacles are removed, and it looks like a small island standing on the lake.
But the dagger penetrated half a meter into its body, causing considerable damage to the Thousand-Eyed Monster.
/Wei Xiaobei had already shot more than thirty daggers at the Thousand-Eyed Monster. Although more than a dozen of these daggers were intercepted by the waving tentacles, the lake water around the Thousand-Eyed Monster had all turned khaki, as if Mud in general.
But Wei Xiaobei knew that the blood of the Thousand-Eyed Monster was yellow, and this situation meant that the Thousand-Eyed Monster had been severely injured and was bleeding heavily.
As long as the grinding continues like this, the Thousand-Eyed Monster will probably bleed to death before long.
Judging from its injury recovery status, the recovery ability of this thousand-eyed monster is too weak.
No way, from a certain point of view, the gray world is barely fair to these monsters.
As a three-star terrifying creature, the Thousand-Eyed Monster has unparalleled hallucination attack capabilities. It can be said that if other three-star terrifying creatures cannot resist its hallucination attack, they will be easily killed as long as it seizes the opportunity.
With such a powerful hallucination attack ability, it is normal for it to be weaker in other aspects.
Otherwise, this thousand-eyed monster would be too perverted.
Just when Wei Xiaobei threw a Tyrannosaurus Rex dagger from time to time, broke through the tentacles from time to time, and created big holes in the Thousand-Eyed Monster’s body with the big gun in his hand, a sharp cry for help came over.
“Help! Help!”
Wei Xiaobei was slightly distracted, and his leaping body was accidentally hit by a tentacle. Like a golf ball, it flew dozens of meters and crashed into a pile of mud by the lake.
Wei Xiaobei struggled and jumped up from the mud.
This injury was nothing to Wei Xiaobei.
What made Wei Xiaobei a little confused was that the cry for help sounded familiar.
Precision calculation starts! Photographic memory activated!
Wei Xiaobei’s mind was spinning rapidly, and soon, Wei Xiaobei extracted a