nyi’s sweet greeting made Wei Xiaobei feel a little uncomfortable.

Zhu Xinyi usually gives off a somewhat cold impression, but she unexpectedly turned into a sweet girl on the phone.
“Ah, go and buy a dog for me.”
Wei Xiaobei was stunned for a moment and then spoke out his request.
Buying a dog?
“Okay, what kind do you want and how big do you want it?”
Zhu Xinyi was very happy to be able to help her master and asked hurriedly.
“Any kind of dog will do. Well, the more types the better, no matter how big or small.”
Wei Xiaobei thought for a moment and was worried that if he randomly selected a kind of dog, the genetic map might not be sufficient, so he simply let Zhu Xinyi squander it.
After receiving the order, Zhu Xinyi immediately handed over the task of supervising the delivery of goods to Andre, and she drove a seaplane towards the capital island of Lusnia.
Well, if you want to quickly complete the task assigned by Master, the place where you can buy a dog should be as close as possible.
Dogs are mankind’s closest companions. After being domesticated during the primitive period, dogs have served as good helpers for hunting. Later, with the continuous development of human society, dogs have fully intervened in human life.
From guard dogs that look after homes and homes, to livestock dogs that help shepherds with herding, police dogs that detect smuggling and narcotics, military dogs that detect landmines, medical dogs that provide psychological treatment, search and rescue dogs in disasters, and guide dogs that serve as assistants for the blind. , toy dogs as children’s playmates, etc. Dogs have made huge contributions to mankind.
/A very simple data can show the importance of dogs in human society.
According to the most scientific statistics, the largest number of pets in the world is dogs. The total number of pets in the world is about 600 million to 700 million.
About ten people have one dog. Similarly, if we calculate it as a family of three, about three households have one dog.
In fact, this ratio is even higher in China, about five people per dog. In rural areas, there are fewer households without dogs.
Of course, as a member of the Chinese cultural circle, the Kingdom of Leusnia is also one of the major dog-raising countries.
Well, this big country does not refer to land area or economic or military strength, but to the number of dogs.
The norm in the Kingdom of Leusnia is that every household keeps a dog, and here, the usefulness of dogs has gained new development.
Many fishermen like to bring dogs on fishing boats. When they catch big fish, these dogs will jump into the sea excitedly and help their owners drive the catch to the fishing boat in advance for easy fishing.
As for fish that are smaller than dogs, they are usually caught directly on fishing boats by these guys.
It has to be said that dogs have a new skill here.
Due to the national love for dogs, it also stimulated the development of related businesses. There is a very large dog market on the capital island of the Kingdom o