ait to place the dragon scale pot on two fire dragon rocks.

The fire dragon rock will also continuously release heat, which can probably boil water. However, after Wei Xiaobei set up the pot, he touched the bottom of the pot. It was very cold. The heat of the fire dragon rock could not penetrate the dragon scales at all. The pot is transmitted.
This fairy-level pot is naturally different from ordinary pots. Wei Xiaobei did not apply any oil to the pot. He used a little water to clean it, and then he thought slightly. After a few breaths, the dragon scale pot started to spread. Waves of heat erupted, instantly evaporating some of the remaining water at the bottom of the pot.
But then again, the pot is there, but the spatula does not match it.
For this reason, Wei Xiaobei had to take out the Dragon Fire Cauldron and hurriedly refined a spatula about 10 meters long.
The requirements for this spatula are not high, so naturally it won’t waste much time refining it.
To put it bluntly, this spatula is just a stone shovel.
/This is also a helpless thing. After the dragon fire cauldron becomes larger, it will only be a little more than three meters long. If it is not refined separately, there is nothing that can be done.
Well, as mentioned before, the requirements for this spatula are not high. Wei Xiaobei can easily refine it. He doesn’t even need to attach runes to it. He melts the gravel, circles it twice with the fire dragon, and then shapes it directly.
With such a simple refining process, there is nothing strange about this spatula. At most, it is much harder than ordinary stone tools and harder than ordinary iron tools.
that’s enough.
Throw some grease cut from the Fire Giant into the dragon scale pot.
Raise the temperature of the dragon scale pot to 600 degrees and boil the oil.
After that, filter out the oil residue, add ginger slices, sea pepper and even bowl-sized python meat, stir-fry for five minutes, and add cold water.
The temperature of the dragon scale pot is raised to 1200 degrees.
/Before the water boiled, Wei Xiaobei took the time to make a pot lid with the dragon fire cauldron.
Well, this pot lid is also modular and consists of four parts.
The lid of the pot is ready and the water is almost boiling. Cover the dragon scale pot, lower the temperature to 300 degrees, and simmer over low heat.
At this moment, Wei Xiaobei breathed a sigh of relief.
If the temperature is not controlled well, the whole pot of python meat will be scrapped.
Fortunately, this dragon scale pot is much easier to use than an ordinary iron pot.
The only trouble was that the pot was too big, and Wei Xiaobei had to stand on the edge of the pot when stir-frying.
I have to say that cooking in a dragon scale pot is a laborious task.
Not to mention anything else, there were seven or eight tons of python meat alone in the pot. If Wei Xiaobei wasn’t strong enough, someone else would have done it, not to mention whether he could stand firmly on the edge of the pot. The spatula alone couldn’t stir it.
Without the strength o