was not a lake, but a group of naked beauties, or… Treasures, and even dead relatives, in short, are born from the heart, and half-evil mermaids cannot control the hallucinations they produce.”

As Wei Xiaobei spoke, he asked Baiwu Longma to lower his altitude until he was more than twenty meters away from the lake before stopping.
“Second Senior Brother, please wait for me.”
/This half-evil mermaid is now an important seasoning in Wei Xiaobei’s cooking. During regular use, Wei Xiaobei discovered that these half-evil mermaids have a unique flavor-enhancing effect, which can enhance the taste of other ingredients. smell.
Well, after finally seeing a group of half-evil mermaids gathered together, Wei Xiaobei naturally wouldn’t let them go and jumped down from the white mist dragon horse.
Wei Xiaobei dove into the water, causing a splash of water that drenched those who were dazed.
“Want to escape?”
Wei Xiaobei reached out and grabbed two half-evil mermaids, squeezed them to death, and stuffed them directly into the storage bracelet. However, the catching speed was undoubtedly a bit slow, and it was easy for these half-evil mermaids to escape.
Wei Xiaobei got lucky, shouted softly, and hit the water with both fists at the same time!
Let’s say that those people were splashed all over their heads and faces, and they immediately woke up from the illusion.
Well, the gap between reality and illusion is undoubtedly wide.
There was a man inside who was about to enter the room with the beauty of his dreams, but was awakened by the cold water spray.
And he didn’t even realize that he was hallucinating before. He just felt an inexplicable anger in his heart, and then he yelled: “Fuck! Which bastard dares to pour water on me? Stand up, and I won’t kill you until I kill you.” The last name is XXXX!”
Yeah, a very classic curse.
But at this moment, Wei Xiaobei’s fists hit the water.
At this moment, the pure power attached to Wei Xiaobei’s fists exceeded thirty tons, maybe even higher.
You can imagine the scene when dozens of tons of force hit the water.
The water surface suddenly exploded, just like a depth charge exploded under the water surface. In the blink of an eye, huge waves rose up and swept in all directions.
The waves caused by Wei Xiaobei’s fall on the water had already awakened those who were confused by the hallucination.
Most people realized that something was wrong with them before, and that they had something to do with the green lake, so they immediately tried their best to stay away from the lake. Only a few people were still immersed in the enjoyment brought by the hallucination, and they were yelling there, with huge results. The waves crashed down and instantly swept several people into the lake.
/These people were so frightened that they struggled desperately in the lake. However, Wei Xiaobei’s fists kept hitting the lake water at this time, causing violent shocks.
The half-hateful mermaids who tried to escape were all knocked unconscious and floated to the surface one after another.