mmer Soldier No. 3 no longer had the intention to fight. He wanted to escape. He was the only soldier left in the entire team. If the attack had not been carried out, he would have wanted to retreat and escape at this time.

If you lose courage during the battle, your movements will go wrong. Taking advantage of the opponent’s hesitation, David followed the figure of No. 3 with the long sword in his right hand, swept across the exoskeleton armor on his chest, and cut out a dozens-long strip from his body. cm deep wound.
David calmly put the two swords back on his back, retrieved the second-level spear from the wall, and then began to kill the soldiers on the ground who were not dead one by one.
He knew very well that he could not be merciful. Even though the battle was resolved in just a few seconds, he completely defeated this elite squad of soldiers with one to six.
But during this period, he used almost all his abilities, even some abilities that were absolutely unknown to outsiders.
Two abilities, such as ‘spiritual puncture’ and ‘spiritual sleep’, must not be exposed. ‘Psychic puncture’ comes from the mysterious organization, and ‘spiritual sleep’ comes from bewitching brain worms. These two abilities cannot be exposed at all. Explain the source.
Perceiving the Shadow Warrior to absorb all the souls of the fallen soldiers, he turned around and once again held the second-level spear, preparing for the next battle.
/Atherton is a peak soldier. He received a temporary commission from the Freedom Blade Mercenary Group today. He paid twice the price to ask them to stop a soldier.
Such tasks often occur in underground networks. In a complex environment like the underground network, if you want to surround and kill a soldier, you must block all escape channels. This requires the assistance of many soldiers. arrive.
He was happy to accept such an easy task. He even thought that the Freedom Blade Mercenary Group was too wasteful, because he saw that there were as many as ten soldiers acting with him. Except for the four mercenaries of the Freedom Blade, the others were all the stronger soldiers nearby.
This kind of scale is enough to attack a stronghold, not to mention besieging a soldier.
“We’re just ahead, get ready for battle!” the Free Blade mercenary said in a very nervous voice.
The reason why he is so nervous is that he has not contacted any of the soldiers in the mercenary group nearby. It is an elite group of soldiers, plus the soldiers who first seduced David, there are so many Freedom Blade mercenaries. None of the soldiers in the regiment responded to the message.
Soldier Atherton took out the heavy axe, and with a relaxed look on his face, he swung the heavy ax casually.
But when he saw the scene in front of him, he immediately stopped and stood blankly on the spot.
Not only him, but all the ten soldiers who came forward stared blankly ahead.
/In the short passage of tens of meters, nine corpses were scattered everywhere, and there were two faint blue weapon lights on the ground, which were the