ind of tracking ability. On this vast ocean, he could only identify the general direction. If he wanted to find the specific direction of Wei Family Island, he would have to be guided by others.

Wei Xiaobei quickly broke through the storm area and returned to the head of the Xuan Turtle Demon King.
After receiving the guidance from Wei Xiaobei, the Xuan Turtle Demon King immediately accelerated his speed and headed towards the Wei Family Island.
However, Wei Xiaobei did not let the Xuan Turtle Demon King get too close to the Wei Family Island.
This is also a helpless thing. This Xuangui Demon King is too big, and is only one size smaller than Weijia Island. Not to mention the impact of its proximity to Weijia Island, let’s talk about the violent storm caused by its action. , Weijia Island might be flooded.
The soil on Weijia Island was covered with great difficulty. If it were flooded or washed away by the sea, it would be completely destroyed.
Therefore, the Xuan Turtle Demon King finally stopped at a place more than one nautical mile away from Weijia Island.
As the turtle demon king stopped and retracted his head into the sea water, the violent storm quickly subsided.
It was noon, and the sun was shining brightly on the sea. As soon as the violent storm stopped, a gorgeous rainbow suddenly formed between Giant Turtle Island and Weijia Island!
This rainbow spectacle immediately attracted the workers on Weijia Island and even Zhu Xinyi and others.
Well, when someone sees a big island appearing on the sea in the distance through the rainbow, they can’t believe their eyes. Most people regard the sudden appearance of the big island as a mirage.
But in the evening, the big island still did not disappear, which surprised the workers.
/But this was just a surprise, and it didn’t attract any tabloid reporters or anything.
/Even if these workers sent photos of Da Dao to China’s domestic network through the Internet, it would only arouse some people’s surprise.
Well, there’s just an extra island in the sea, so it’s not really big news.
Wei Xiaobei ignored the workers’ surprise and let the turtle demon king fall asleep on his own, then took Legoff’s parents back to Weijia Island by speedboat.
Back in the villa area, Wei Xiaobei introduced Legoff’s parents to his family and even Zhu Xinyi and others, and arranged a separate townhouse for the two of them to live in.
After making arrangements for Legoff’s parents, Wei Xiaobei carried Bruce, the gray-white elder, into a basement next to the reservoir.
Here, the kidnappers sent by Gray and White are imprisoned.
Obviously, Wei Xiaobei brought Bruce here not to treat him to dinner.
Some things were urgently installed in this basement. Well, they are probably all arranged according to the interrogation room in the TV series. There are chains for hanging people, tiger stools, soldering irons and a series of props that are popular in spy movies.
Not long after, there were faint screams from the basement.
It has to be said that compared to those gray-white kidnapping