energy, etc., added about 20% to attributes, but now, Wei Xiaobei’s realm of Chinese martial arts has broken through to the first level of Danjin, plus the addition of true mercury. With the training of the body, the bonus to attributes has been increased to about 30% at this time!

Don’t underestimate this extra 10% increase!
Wei Xiaobei’s current strength attribute is 90.01, which will be increased by 20% to 108.01! An increase of 30% is 117.01!
Can increase strength by 9 points!
You know, after Wei Xiaobei’s current burst of power, his increased power is only 10 points!
At the same time, as I said before, the further you go to improve attributes, the more you add each attribute, the better the effect will be than before.
Wei Xiaobei moved his body slightly, and quickly clenched his right palm into a fist. At this moment, a sharp air explosion sounded in the air!
Even Wei Xiaobei was a little surprised by his current physical body.
From this air explosion, Wei Xiaobei could judge the strength and speed of his current physical body.
/To put it simply, when Wei Xiaobei clenched his fist like this, the force he unleashed was at least fifty tons!
Well, it seems that fifty tons is much less powerful than Wei Xiaobei’s previous strength.
But this is just the force used to make a fist. If it were punched out, the force of the punch would probably exceed a thousand tons!
Terrifying power!
Although Wei Xiaobei does not have any special combat skills like other four-star elite creatures, with the current strength of his physical body, Wei Xiaobei can easily fight against, or even crush, other four-star elite creatures!
Of course, a thousand tons of power is not Wei Xiaobei’s limit, but without actual testing, Wei Xiaobei doesn’t know what the upper limit of his power is.
Well, at the same time, the toughness of his physical body has also improved a lot. Wei Xiaobei estimated that even if a machine gun is pressed against his chest, it may not be able to hurt him.
But compared to the pure strength of the physical body, the toughness of the physical body is still not enough.
Well, even though his previous physical strength was the same as his strength attribute, Wei Xiaobei’s body still couldn’t withstand this level of force bombardment. The reason was simple, it was always easier to destroy than to create.
Of course, this is a problem, but as the real mercury continues to be refined, the toughness of the physical body will continue to increase.
/Putting the matter aside for the time being, Wei Xiaobei turned his gaze to the white mist dragon gun on the side. At this time, the fragment of Thor’s hammer attached to the white mist dragon gun had been mostly swallowed up by the white mist that emerged. .
Well, the speed of the evolving White Mist Dragon Spear in devouring food is undoubtedly much slower than before.
But being able to devour and absorb it is also a good thing.
Six hours later, the fragment of Thor’s Hammer was completely swallowed up by the White Mist Dragon Spear.
At this time, the White Mist