ion to the ground navigation department.

After receiving this news, the ground navigation command department was also dumbfounded.
Fortunately, this situation has happened several times, and there are certain rules for dealing with it.
“Don’t attract the other person’s attention and try not to anger the other person!”
The voice of the ground aviation liaison officer kept ringing in the cockpit.
But the captain is about to scold his mother, so why don’t he attract the other party’s attention? How come it doesn’t attract attention?
Well, actually, something as big as a passenger plane has aroused the other party’s curiosity.
The reason is simple: the distance between the two sides is shortening.
The co-pilot’s face turned purple and his hands trembled.
This is a passenger plane, not a fighter jet. The fighter jet can eject the pilot, but how can this passenger plane escape?
/Besides, there are hundreds of passengers.
“Don’t be nervous, we have contacted the nearby garrison, and fighter planes will be coming to escort you soon!”
The words from the ground aviation director gave the captain and co-pilot a little boost of confidence.
But there is a question. How can the passenger plane stop the goldfish from getting closer before the fighter jets arrive?
In other words, how to prevent goldfish from attacking passenger planes?
In addition, even if the fighter jets arrive, the passenger plane may not be able to leave the battlefield smoothly!
Not to mention the solemn atmosphere in the cockpit, Wei Xiaobei’s brows were furrowed at this moment.
After Wei Xiaobei discovered that the opponent was a giant goldfish, he released the auras of the fire dragon and the snake.
There is no doubt that the other party has felt this aura, but the other party does not turn around and leave quickly like the high-altitude fish Wei Xiaobei has encountered before. Instead, he still accompanies the passenger plane leisurely. The only change is that he no longer Keep getting closer.
But even if the passenger plane deviated from the route, the giant goldfish still followed it, making the passenger plane’s attempt to stay away from the other side completely failed.
If he were not worried about angering the other party, the captain would have the urge to return.
But the problem is that the passenger plane’s return movement was too big. I’m afraid the other party rushed up before even half of the circle was completed.
At this time, only the passengers in the cabin were sleeping and playing games.
Wei Xiaobei also had a headache at this time.
If he had known that he would encounter such a situation, he should have cultivated some creatures that could fly high into the sky. At this time, he could also lure the opponent away.
If the passenger plane crashes accidentally, Wei Xiaobei doesn’t have to worry about his own safety at all, but it’s different for his family. They are ordinary people, and their chances of survival in such a disaster are very low!
Wei Xiaobei secretly regretted it.
But fortunately, the giant goldfish st