osed to many old thieves’ works!

This guy has completely devoted himself to Blue Star Education!
Chu Kuang continues to contribute to Blue Star’s education career.
This was not Lin Yuan’s original intention, but Lin Yuan did not resist.
The works he produced are excellent enough and can be regarded as “benefiting” students.
Inside the studio.
Lin Yuanru thought.
As the seven short stories shocked the five continents, Yinlan’s response was not slow. Soon someone called and said that they would publish all Chu Kuang’s short stories together.
Lin Yuan naturally had no objection to this.
The total amount of his short stories can be collected and published, and the title of the work is “Collection of Chu Kuang’s Short Stories”.
“You are going to become a nightmare for countless students.”
After Jinmu saw the official endorsement of Chu Kuang’s seven short stories by the Literary and Art Association, he teased.
Lin Yuan said: “That’s Chu Kuang.”
Kaneki was stunned for a moment, then laughed loudly.
In the next few days, Chu Kuang’s seven short stories continued to be discussed by all parties.
The “Chu Kuang Short Story Collection” published by Yinlan was also released, and it made a lot of sales while it was hot.
Mainly some parents will buy it for their children.
The reason for purchasing is: “It won’t hurt to read more of Chu Kuang’s books now. My children may take the exam in the future.”
The children refused, but unfortunately the refusal was ineffective.
It’s like a five-year college entrance examination simulation in a certain three-year period. You may not like it, but you still have to buy it.
Of course, Chu Kuang’s works have not reached this point yet.
Moreover, these short stories are both educational and entertaining, so they are still highly readable.
It is worth mentioning that
Some film and television companies in the industry have also shown strong interest in several short stories such as “Monopoly” and seem to have the intention of adapting them into movies. Lin Yuan left such matters to Kaneki, and he himself did not resist. , the only standard is that the quality of the photos taken must have a basic guarantee.
Everyone in this industry knows the rules.
Previously, a large company purchased the film and television rights for Chu Kuang’s “Ghost Blows Out the Lamp”. The result was a perfunctory production, with only some popular stars having no acting skills. As a result, the work was released with a very bad reputation. Since then, this company He was on Chu Kuang’s blacklist, and he never got the rights to film and television adaptations of Chu Kuang’s works. No matter how much money he paid, it was useless.
/Also since then.
Any film and television company attaches great importance to the film and television copyrights of Chu Kuang’s works. As long as they get it, they dare not treat it perfunctorily. After all, many of Chu Kuang’s works have been adapted into film and television dramas and are extremely popular. No one wants to completely lose the opportunity to cooperate