hound does not need to be very large. Well, often the best hounds are good at smelling. After all, when dealing with wild beasts, the best weapons are human muskets, bows and arrows.

The size of this Norwegian Elkhound can only be considered medium, but it gives people a sense of power when running, and it looks quite pleasing to the eye.
Well, what Wei Xiaobei didn’t expect was that the old man’s home was not in a small town, but a small villa with a floor near a forest. According to the old man himself, all the wood for this villa was cut by himself. , built hand by hand.
This had to make Wei Xiaobei feel envious.
With Wei Xiaobei’s current net worth, it would be trivial to build even one villa, let alone one. Even if it was ten or a hundred villas, the environment would be different and the feelings would be different.
In China, if he wanted to build a villa out of wood like this, well, it would have been unthinkable for Wei Xiaobei before.
When we arrived at Hansen’s house, we entered the house. The style inside was a very typical country house style in Norway. Everything was made of wooden boards. Well, the big fireplace was made of stone.
A delicate woman with long brown hair came up to her. She was about eighteen or nineteen years old. After calling her father, she looked at Wei Xiaobei calmly and generously.
Hansen immediately introduced her: “This is my little daughter, my baby Karina, and this is my Chinese friend Xiao Beiwei who I just met today.”
Karina smiled at Wei Xiaobei, nodded, then turned and entered the kitchen, probably to cook.
Sitting in the living room, Wei Xiaobei exchanged a few words with Hansen. The old man Hansen came to Wei Xiaobei’s side and whispered: “Karina is good, isn’t she? There are many boys chasing her in school. , are you interested?”
/Peat, when Wei Xiaobei heard this, he almost sprayed the drink in Hansen’s face.
Are you my biological father?
No matter how you look at it, he looks like a pimp soliciting customers on the streets of Amsterdam?
Seeing Wei Xiaobei’s inexplicably red face, Hansen burst out laughing, causing Karina to poke her head out of the kitchen, thinking something had happened.
By this time, even a fool like Wei Xiaobei knew that the old man Hansen was teasing him, and he glared at the old man hatefully.
However, Hansen’s old man’s character made Wei Xiaobei lose his initial restraint and asked curiously about hunting.
While waiting for dinner, Hansen told Wei Xiaobei a lot of things.
It also let Wei Xiaobei know the general situation of old Hansen’s family.
It turns out that Hansen’s wife passed away five years ago. The eldest daughter married a Danish businessman in the Christmas tree business. The second daughter, as mentioned before, married a Chinese, it is said that he was an overseas student. The third daughter was in the kitchen. Karina is busy here and is studying at a university in Norway.
I have to say that Karina is actually good at cooking, not even better than those chefs, but at least it has Norwegian characteristics, um, th