martial arts school or to kill Wei Xiaobei, Wei Xiaobei didn’t care.

What he cares about is how long it will take him to kill this guy!
Well, one thing that needs to be explained is that Wei Xiaobei’s fist hit the animal. Although it did not cause much damage to the animal, a clear mark was left on the scale where Wei Xiaobei’s fist hit it. Fist seal!
Four-star elite?
Wei Xiaobei smiled, took out the big ink gun from the storage ring, and then dodged the giant monkey’s attack.
/To say that this wolf is very fast, but in front of Wei Xiaobei, even in front of Wei Xiaobei who is in a weak state, it is not enough.
The ink gun flicked slightly, like a venomous snake that jumped out and stabbed into the scales on the side of the monkey’s body in the blink of an eye.
The scales of this wolf are really strange. They are as smooth as a mirror, but they do not reflect much light.
To say that it can withstand Wei Xiaobei’s fist is considered to be a very strong defense, but it cannot withstand the thrust of the ink gun.
In an instant, half of the big ink gun was submerged in it. When Wei Xiaobei pulled out the big ink gun and dodged the whizzing claws, the scales that were stabbed by the big ink gun split at the center of the stab, and countless cracks appeared. Spread and eventually collapse.
At the same time, a fountain of blood spurted out from the wound, wrapping up some minced meat, and rushed towards Wei Xiaobei like a stream of fiery red magma.
Wei Xiaobei dodged again and although he avoided the blood, he accidentally got some blood on his clothes.
With this little bit of blood on Wei Xiaobei’s clothes, the fighting ability of this wild monkey increased inexplicably.
Often when Wei Xiaobei wanted to use his speed to get close to the opponent, the monkey would suddenly turn around and launch a fierce attack at Wei Xiaobei.
The main attack method of this mongoose is similar to that of a dog, with one bite, two barks and three attacks.
The bite and pounce were not threatening, but the scream gave Wei Xiaobei a headache.
Its howling sound is like an ultrasonic weapon. Anything affected will quickly disintegrate and turn into dust.
Wei Xiaobei almost got hit in the first place. If he hadn’t reacted in time, he might have been seriously injured with just that one sound.
But having said that, even though the wolf’s attack methods were quite surprising, Wei Xiaobei was not unable to deal with it.
/After getting familiar with the speed and range of the opponent’s sonic attack, Wei Xiaobei transformed the ink gun into a large ink bow and rushed high into the sky.
Seeing Wei Xiaobei rushing into the sky, the monkey wanted to catch up. Unfortunately, it had neither wings nor any other ability to fly. After soaring more than a hundred meters high, it had no choice but to fall down. Go down.
After standing at an altitude of about 200 meters, Wei Xiaobei set up a flaming arrow, drew his large ink bow, and began to aim at the monkey.
There is no doubt that facing this scene, the monkey sensed the danger and immedi