t your girlfriend or wife often gets her hair done alone, it’s probably because she can tolerate loneliness better.

Three hours later, Liu Changan felt that he was still too young and had little experience. In the past, girls really didn’t need so long to do their hair. He thought of the fashionable young women in the 1980s and 1990s. It was probably from that time that their hair became so fashionable. It takes more and more time.
“Your boyfriend is so nice.” The technician praised him. There were many men who accompanied their girlfriends to get their hair done, but most of them left out of boredom after a while, or went to find a place to stay. Very few of them sat down like Liu Changan. Chat with her and look at her.
“Yes, I like her the most.” An Nuan was slightly shy, but she never concealed this.
A girl should be reserved and arrogant, but she should also let him know how much she likes him and how much she wants to show him off. Just pretend to be coy. Is this guy Liu Changan interested in guessing your thoughts?
The technician smiled, a little surprised by the girl’s confession.
After getting their hair done, Liu Changan and An Nuan went to Xueyuan Street to eat. Liu Changan said by the way: “I met Bai Hui at school a few days ago. She was promoting the comic show. She gave me four tickets to the comic show. You will go to school tomorrow.” Do you want to have a training camp too? If you don’t go, I’ll go with a few roommates.”
An Nuan did know that Bai Hui was going to be a guest at a comic exhibition over the weekend. She saw it in Bai Hui’s space, but was there anything worth thinking about and being vigilant about Bai Hui giving away tickets?
An Nuan clasped his hands together, put them together and stared at his chin. He began to think about how he could show his trust in Liu Changan. He didn’t take a little vixen like Bai Hui seriously. In fact, he was taking precautions before they happened. He couldn’t What about letting Bai Hui take the opportunity to act like a monster and find An Nuan, who was seriously injured?
Many girls want to control all their boyfriend’s whereabouts, but a smart girl must grasp the right balance to make him feel that she cares about him, but not to make him feel that she is too controlling and annoying.
An Nuan is a smart girl.
That was Bai Hui’s threat second only to Qin Yanan. It was something An Nuan could deal with, but he had to be wary of. After all, Liu Changan had always been obsessed with Bai Hui.
It’s not the time for An Nuan to be proud. She can’t be proud now and must be careful.
An Nuan did trust Liu Changan, and he also gave her the confidence to trust. For example, he made it clear that he went to see it with his roommate, not alone.
/If he were alone, that would be when Bai Hui showed all his strength. He went with his roommate. Bai Hui would at most say hello when he met her. His face would be reserved and polite, and his smile would be the same. Slightly shy but not ambiguous.
An Nuan thought for a while and said, “I have a training camp t