A flash of fire hit the spot where Wei Xingwu had been in the blink of an eye, and then exploded with a loud bang, and countless pieces of soil splattered in all directions.
/Wei Xingwu was secretly shocked. How dare he stay where he was? He walked around the big tree, used the big tree to dodge bullets, and ran all the way back.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei had already jumped into the crowd.
/Just now, he noticed the scent of Peanut Piggy getting closer.
Although the vitality of Peanut Piggy is constantly declining, at this distance, it is no different than a bright light in the dark night.
Leng Xinxing actually dared to come here?
This surprised Wei Xiaobei.
But the rockets fired at Wei Xingwu made Wei Xiaobei realize that he had a powerful weapon as a source of confidence.
But Leng Xinxing might be disappointed. The three mercenaries carrying rocket launchers on their shoulders were killed by Wei Xiaobei in the blink of an eye.
The next moment, Wei Xiaobei rushed towards Leng Xinxing, who was also carrying a rocket launcher.
Leng Xinxing was a little stunned, and a series of questions emerged in his mind, but the most important one was how this guy discovered him!
In fact, this question arose after Wei Xiaobei followed him at sea for a week. But now it’s become more obvious.
Seeing the blood on Wei Xiaobei’s hands, Leng Xinxing subconsciously pulled the trigger on Wei Xiaobei.
The rocket with fire spraying from its tail shot toward Wei Xiaobei in the blink of an eye.
The moment Leng Xinxing pulled the trigger, Wei Xiaobei kicked off the ground with both legs and soared into the sky. The rocket flew past Wei Xiaobei’s feet. After flying dozens of meters, it hit a big tree. There was a loud bang on the tree, breaking the big tree in half.
Naturally, Wei Xiaobei didn’t think about whether he could withstand the power of the rocket, and rushed towards Leng Xinxing again from the air.
After Leng Xinxing fired the rocket launcher, he threw away the rocket launcher, turned around and ran away. While running away, he took out a bottle of some kind of potion from his arms, raised his head and drank it.
Leng Xinxing’s speed was naturally difficult to escape compared to Wei Xiaobei’s.
But just when Wei Xiaobei rushed behind him and turned his right hand into a palm and landed on the opponent’s back, he missed.
Leng Xinxing’s body suddenly stopped, and while his hidden body emerged, it actually began to become transparent.
Leng Xin waved to Wei Xiaobei triumphantly and disappeared into the air the next moment.
Leng Xinxing was provoking Wei Xiaobei.
In an instant, Wei Xiaobei was angered, but after Leng Xinxing’s figure disappeared, Wei Xiaobei suppressed the urge to enter the gray world immediately.
Undoubtedly, Leng Xinxing wanted to anger Wei Xiaobei, and then seduced Wei Xiaobei into chasing him into the gray world to take the opportunity to eliminate this threat!
After all, for now, after entering the gray world, there will be a period of lethargy. During this period