e ‘Howling Worm King’ hiding behind it.

After the ‘Howling Worm King’ discovered that the ‘Hard Beetle King’ had been killed, he immediately retreated. It did not have the defensive power of the ‘Hard Beetle King’. Even the ‘Hard Beetle King’ could not withstand long-range snipers, and it was even more impossible for it to resist.
How could David let the ‘Howling Worm King’ escape? If he didn’t take this opportunity to deal with the ‘Howling Worm King’, waiting for it to blend into the insect tide would cause him a lot of trouble.
/Although David’s sniping is very strong, when facing the insect tide, as long as there are low-level insects in the way, he will not be able to accurately snipe the opponent.
Due to this delay, the insect tide advanced to a distance of six thousand meters. If David had taken action later, the ‘Howling Worm King’ would have been surrounded by the insect tide without having to escape.
“Everyone, how about retreating five thousand meters?” David asked the Templars.
David had a feeling that it was best not to get too close to the insect tide, because he knew how crazy the insect tide would go once they sensed his aura.
/Although this is a clone and not David’s true body, the aura of the two is completely the same.
If David had made such a request at the beginning, the Templar Knights would not have agreed. They would have to retreat before they had any contact with the Zerg.
But at this time, David’s victory had already exceeded the expectations of the Templars, and the delay was long enough. With such retreat and fighting, by the time they returned to the original line of defense, it was estimated that most of the insect tide would have been lost.
As David retreated, the fifth-level ‘Growler Sniper Rifle’ in his hand did not stop, slowing down the advance of the insect swarm again.
“Adjutant, please report to Generalissimo Andre immediately and ask Generalissimo Andre to discuss the sniper rifle in his hand with General David!” In the headquarters, General Francis did not care about Speaker Gould at this time. He ordered loudly.
Of course there is a reason for General Francis’ excitement. The fifth-level ‘Growler Sniper Rifle’ can actually produce such power against the fifth-level Zerg, which means a completely different meaning.
With the population base of the Interstellar Federation, as long as we patiently search and cultivate them, I believe that one day we will be able to cultivate snipers who can use the fifth-level ‘Growler Sniper Rifle’.
“Yes, General!” the adjutant responded.
The adjutant took some time to sort out David’s battle images and ran out of the headquarters with the data.
The reason for notifying Generalissimo Andre was that General Francis had no choice but to do so.
Although in terms of rank, General Francis is much higher than Major General David, but regardless of David’s own strength, even the commissioner of the Federal Command does not need to accept the orders of General Francis.
Admiral Francis did not have the confidence to ask David to contribut