ne head left, I’m still better than the old guy who can only pee blood!”

The dragon bell made a loud clang, shaking time and space, and layers of sound waves accompanied by the dragon roar of the distant ancestors blasted towards the green rock!
The piece of green rock was so hard that it was not damaged at all in the layers of sound waves. It penetrated the various Dao sounds created by Long Zhong and still hit them.
The big dragon roared violently, making a clanging sound as it crashed into Cuiyan!
Innate immortal auras were flying in all directions in the sky, and astonishingly, the impact of the green rock actually knocked the big bell and scattered countless auras within its body!
The big bell shouted: “Master Long, I’m going to burst!”
“not yet!”
The dragon was extremely excited, wrestling with Cuiyan, and the auras flying in the sky fell back one after another and flowed into the body of the big bell.
Cuiyan dragged the Tai Chi Diagram, the Wuji Diagram, and the Yuxu Fly Whisk, and held the Xu Emperor’s Hongmeng Banner, against the Dragon Bell, and actually pressed the Dragon Bell against the Heavenly Dao Ancestral Court!
Seeing this situation, everyone felt desperate. Senior Brother Tian did not bother hiding in the sky, but also appeared, urging his divine power to resist with all his strength.
But when his powerful divine power came into contact with the green rock, it was suppressed by the strange power coming from the green rock, and it broke every inch!
“It’s really going to burst!” cried the big bell.
The dragon roared, jumped out from the bell, and the distant ancestor soul appeared. Although there was only one dragon head left, it still possessed earth-shattering power!
The Yuanzu dragon head pressed against Cuiyan, and together with the big bell, they resisted Cuiyan’s crushing. Cuiyan’s speed was greatly reduced, but he still pressed them towards the Tiandao ancestral court!
At the same time, Taiqing, Yuqing, Yuxu, King Pingping, Emperor Xu and Tianyi flew up, using their arms and backs to resist Cuiyan, and were crushed by Cuiyan one by one towards the ancestral court of Tiandao. Bump away.
Under the pressure of fear, the earth god suddenly jumped up from the earth, shouted, beat his war drum with both hands, and rushed towards the green rock that fell from the sky!
The drums were beating loudly, but they saw the green rock crushing everyone and falling from the sky, pressing dangerously on the ground, and finally stopped.
The Earth God was still shouting, and the drums were still beating. The big bell flew out from in front of Cuiyan and said: “Stop knocking the Earth, Cuiyan has been blocked by you.”
/The Earth God’s eyes were dilated, still in shock.
Everyone carefully placed the piece of green rock on the ground, fearing that the green rock would fly away and cause another heaven-destroying cry.
I saw that this piece of green rock was covered with characters. The characters were divided into two types. One was branch-like texture, also known as truth, and the other wa