that they are being destroyed, they are still struggling to reveal some bare branches that have not decayed, and they have become like this. The only embellishment in the world of complete apoptosis.

In addition, there was a whimpering sound, like a continuous ghost cry.
Chu Weiyang could sense that it was the sound of strong wind swirling in the rock tunnels similar to mines. Furthermore, when Chu Weiyang sensed it carefully, he could easily feel the deathly silence. The ashes and dust that have been carried in the wind for a long time are the products of the collapse and grinding of mountain rocks in the strong wind, and there is also the spiritual dust from the place where the ancient mineral deposits were also grinded.
Such dust and dust spread wildly across the vast sky with the dead wind, sending more dust and dust full of spiritual charm to the rolling rotten hills, just like pouring sweet rain on the spiritual field. , so that the decaying charm can be nourished and further brewed.
Along with this, Chu Weiyang could feel a certain sense of sedimentation.
The kind of decay itself is not only spreading on the surface towards the rolling mountains and fields, but also under the rocks, in the penetration of the rolling veins, the aura of decay is spreading deeper and deeper. Drained everywhere.
And when Chu Weiyang looked far into the distant sky, he could even see those so-called lakes and oceans. In the process of shrinking and half drying up, the black ones seemed to be mixed with mud and water. Everything is extremely beautiful after decay, and that beauty is fully harmonized with the black after that.
/There was no flow, no vitality. In this process, Chu Weiyang seemed to see a corner of the wall, the keel and mast of the ancient boat that had not yet been broken, and the boat immersed in the black mud. , the looming jade bones.
This is the vast sky that all cultivators can truly see.
There were no spiritual mountains and beautiful waters as expected, nothing but human smoke and living beings. After the people and creatures disappeared, the group of people walked into the deserted palace attic filled with dust as if they were sightseeing, and gently pushed open the lofts. Through the half-open door, you can see what kind of jade slips, elixirs, and treasure weapons are there.
Perhaps, if the complete ancient world still has the natural force of vitality and creation amidst the erosion of time, all reality can be transformed into such a lonely scene in the time.
But after the collapse of the sky in the past, what remained here was only a complete fragment. The power of the erosion of time has not been reduced, but this vast sky and wilderness no longer has such vitality. force of nature.
Even Chu Weiyang could no longer sense the changes in the four seasons.
Everything rots away in silence.
In fact, this rotten change has been further transmitted to the barrier of the Sumeru fragments.
/It is precisely because of this that the thunder and fire can cause a crack to collapse in the ancient wall of