e rewards, the ones that excited them the most were the delicious dishes.

In their words, it should be the food of the Sun God. Otherwise, how could I feel that my strength and speed increased after eating it?
The delicacies Wei Xiaobei rewarded these priests were naturally not ordinary food, but dishes that could increase attributes!
But these dishes are not fairy dishes. The attributes they can increase are capped at 20 points. If your attributes have exceeded 20 points, then sorry, you can only taste these dishes. It is impossible to add attributes.
These dishes are of little use to the core disciples of Weijia Island, but they are perfect for these priests.
The strongest of these priests is only the biological level of one-star elite, and their highest attributes are only 15 points, most of which are charm.
After all, he is a former religious person. If his charm is low, how can he still deceive believers?
As for their other attributes, they are relatively low. The better ones are better than ordinary people. Around 12 o’clock, some of the poor attributes are not as good as ordinary people.
In this way, these priests ate dishes that could increase their attributes, which was huge in terms of their own feelings.
Take Takeda Ueno for example. Although he was an officer before, he was actually a communications officer. His strength was slightly stronger than that of ordinary soldiers, and his strength attribute was only 11 points.
But after eating this dish, the strength attribute increased by 3 points, reaching 14 points. The barbell that could not be moved before can now be lifted easily, and the muscles have bulged a lot.
As for an old man like Nobita Ibe, he just feels like he has become younger.
The old man even used food to seduce a girl among the refugees that night, happily enjoying the feeling of youth.
In their eyes, this is caused by the power of the Sun God!
It is not that they have not gained benefits from killing ghosts before, but there are too few ghosts that can be killed. In addition, many times, those ghosts are killed by cannonballs and bullets, so the benefits obtained are further reduced. .
After the entire population of the base was converted into believers, Wei Xiaobei moved the fireball statue to the base square and began to hold a large-scale baptism ceremony.
More than 5,000 people gathered in the square under the leadership of Takeda Ueno and others. In the center of the square was a high platform of more than ten meters, and the fireball statue was placed on the high platform.
From the perspective of the believers, there is a fireball burning slowly on the high platform.
/The baptism ceremony was carried out step by step.
Regardless of whether these believers truly believed in the sun god, were seeking benefits, or just following the crowd, they had to kneel on the ground under the leadership of the priests and recite the prayers sent by the priests.
It has to be said that the prayers that the two former priests worked overtime at night were quite good. They were simpl