as not only the entrance to the underworld, but also the only exit.

Lu Bei looked strange. Who is spreading rumors? Ordinary people are not qualified to know that Wan Zhangtian and Huang Quan are involved. Is Yun Zuoyu’s archenemy?
Is the gate of life and death in Huangquan also arranged by Rui?
What was the purpose of sending the Underworld Gate of Life and Death to him? What would happen if he opened this portal in the Underworld Realm?
How about taking advantage of the fact that both Qi Li Jing and Tai Su are here, and Yun Zuo Yu still has the strength to fight, the four brothers can open the door and try?
/Try it or die!
Lu Bei thought about it and was too scared to try it. Without saying a word, he erased the soul mark on the gate of life and death in Huangquan and threw it into the warehouse to eat dust.
It was impossible to throw it away. The size of the Underworld Gate of Life and Death was an acquired spiritual treasure. Even if it was not used, even if it was clearly a plot, Lu Bei would still smash it into his own hands.
The golden light turned into a rainbow, and Tai Su stood in the human world. He first looked at the sun in the sky with dissatisfaction, and then closed his eyes to enjoy the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers in the human world.
In the small Hongling County, three invincible men with hands in their sleeves appeared at the same time, which meant that Yinglong was already dead, otherwise
The deceased is the greatest, so Yinglong will not be mentioned here.
That means Xiao Ying is already dead, otherwise he would be scared to death on the spot.
/“The second generation Demon Emperor, Gu has returned to the human world. There are no two suns in the sky. There will not be two suns in the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom. Are you ready?” Tai Su closed his eyes and said.
Discard the warp probe.
Come on, come on, score twice, the show is about to happen again.
Qi Li Jing is very curious. He wonders if Lu Bei and Tai Su can decide the winner this time. He has a good sense of Tai Su and has great expectations for Lu Bei. If possible, he hopes that the two will never get together. One, it always kept him entertained.
But obviously, neither Tai Su nor Lu Bei thought so.
If I have to choose one, Abandonment Scripture supports Lu Bei mentally.
The latter was transformed into an immortal life chart by his calculations. We are all grasshoppers on the same rope. They are absolute staunch allies under the hidden danger of the return of the Great God.
If Lu Bei defeats Tai Su, makes up for his own shortcomings, improves his strength by leaps and bounds, and reaches the same level as him, he will no longer be the first choice of Great Heavenly Lord.
How happy!
In the underworld, Yun Zuoyu told about the existence of the nine incarnations of the Great Heavenly Lord. All the incarnations felt that they were containers, but the Abandonment Sutra did not think so.
After all, the best one is always the original wife, and he is the one who is under the greatest pressure.
At this time, Lu B