island in the center of the lake, Wei Xiaobei still used the electromagnetic field ability to lock onto the island in the center of the lake.

With a silent thought in his mind, Wei Xiaobei threw the boulder downwards with all his strength!
/There was an explosion, and the boulder exceeded the speed of sound in an instant, and even hit a blank space in the gray fog. After leaving the gray fog, the front end of the boulder rubbed against the air and produced sparks, which then formed a meteor. Continuously accelerating and falling down.
The power of bloodline activates!
At this moment, Wei Xiaobei’s heart moved, and he immediately activated the power of blood!
The bolide, which had shrunk in size by half as it burned through friction with the air, turned into a fire dragon with its flame extending backwards. After bringing out a red light in the air, it crashed into the lake below. On the small island of the heart.
There was a loud bang, and a mushroom cloud composed of dust and flames immediately rose on the small island in the middle of the lake. At the same time, countless cracks appeared on the small island in the middle of the lake, and the lake water around it was violently violent. The collision stirred up countless water columns, shooting the last bit of lake water into the air.
Panting heavily, Wei Xiaobei lowered his height, passed through the gray fog, and stared at the small island in the middle of the lake.
After all these struggles, Wei Xiaobei became weaker.
However, Wei Xiaobei was very satisfied with the effect caused by the boulder. The timing of the collision between the boulder and the island in the middle of the lake was extremely clever, which further deepened the shock in the space.
The most critical thing about this green lake is the small island in the middle of the lake!
The small island in the middle of the lake was completely like an earthquake at this time, with all kinds of gravel flying in all directions.
Finally, a black crack appeared on the small island in the middle of the lake, penetrating it. Any object, whether it was stone, soil, trees, or shrubs, that was penetrated by this black crack would be split into two halves. It is extremely smooth, like the scene after cracked glass!
In just a few breaths, the small island in the center of the lake was covered with criss-crossing network cracks.
These cracks even extended further around, dividing the silt-filled lake bottom.
From Wei Xiaobei’s perspective, Green Lake looked like a piece of glassware about to collapse and shatter!
The half-evil mermaids who were still struggling in the mud at the bottom of the lake were extremely frightened. They made extremely piercing screams and tried desperately to escape from the divided spaces.
/But Wei Xiaobei also knew that this was completely impossible.
Even for Wei Xiaobei himself, it would be extremely difficult to escape from the following environment!
Those black cracks are the so-called space cracks. For ordinary creatures, trying to cross these space cracks is as r