a heavenly system is just a friend.

You know, even between father and son, there may be grudges.
For example, there is a lot of conflict between the third prince Nezha and King Li Tianwang of Tota.
If there is a conflict between Qing Niu and Qi Si Yu Nu, and it is a more intense one, then now that Wei Xiaobei admits his relationship with Qi Si Yu Nu, he might be trampled to death by the Qing Niu.
/Of course, if Qi Si Yunu and Qing Niu were friends, then Wei Xiaobei would be fine.
But, having said that, although Qingniu is just a mount, it is the mount of Taishang Laojun!
As the saying goes, the prime minister’s concierge is the seventh-grade official!
Qingniu’s status is not low in the heaven system.
Wei Xiaobei wasn’t sure whether the Qisi Jade Girl could become enemies with or become friends with the Qing Niu.
“I am friends with Qi Si Yunv.”
Wei Xiaobei thought about it for a moment and decided to take a gamble. He neither denied nor said anything more, but frankly spoke about his relationship with Qi Si Yunv.
When Wei Xiaobei finished speaking, the Qingniu’s eyes seemed to widen a little as she glared at Wei Xiaobei. Wei Xiaobei couldn’t help but murmur in his heart, could it be that Qi Si Yunv had offended this Qingniu?
If you think about it carefully, this is really possible!
You know, Qi Si Yunv is a big foodie, and she might have had the idea of ????Qingniu. Charcoal-grilled beef and braised beef are more delicious.
When Wei Xiaobei thought of this, his heart suddenly changed and he was ready to enter the space.
Maybe the green cow saw him disappear and left on his own.
At this moment, the green bull suddenly laughed, and then the huge body was wrapped in a cloud of green smoke. A moment later, a strong man more than two meters tall strode out of the green smoke. He came out, stretched out his hand and patted Wei Xiaobei on the shoulder, and then said something: “Hahaha, since you are Qi Si Yunu’s friend, then you are Lao Niu’s friend!”
With such a strong strength attribute, Wei Xiaobei was unable to withstand the slap from this strong man. He was immediately staggered and almost fell to the ground.
There is no doubt that this strong man is the transformation of the green cow!
Wei Xiaobei was rubbing his sore shoulders and was a little puzzled. This Qingniu’s attribute table didn’t even have the art of change. How did this guy change?
It was impossible for Wei Xiaobei to ask Qing Niu about such a thing, so he could only smile with a smile on his face and start talking to Qing Niu: “Brother Niu, you are too strong, you almost slapped me off. ”
“Little brother, your body is still a little too thin. You have to be able to eat like an old cow!”
Qing Niu seemed very proud that someone praised his strength, and then he laughed and criticized Wei Xiaobei in a pretense of experience.
Well, if someone else had said these words, Wei Xiaobei would have slapped him against the wall.
Am I too thin?
Although Wei Xiaobei’s muscles are not as bulging as before, he is not a scholar’s figure. Wearing a