only one or two hundred Hun cavalry, they might as well charm a group of Dangkang wild boars.

Wei Xiaobei came out alone. When Zhu Xinyi and others came over worried about their master’s safety, they were extremely surprised to find that in front of the Huns camp, the Huns cavalry had been killed by Wei Xiaobei and fled in all directions.
Those Xiongnu noble generals had been taken care of by Wei Xiaobei before. They were either dead or injured and lay on the ground.
Seeing this, Zhu Xinyi and others led the soldiers of the special joint force to fight over, forming an encirclement and locking the Hun cavalry in the open space in front of the Hun camp.
It can be said that these Huns cavalry were unlucky. Not long after they came to reality, they met Wei Xiaobei, the god of death.
Now, they were in a dilemma. They wanted to go back to the main camp. Wei Xiaobei was firmly blocking the main camp. All the Huns cavalry who passed by were directly shot to death.
As for shooting arrows from a distance, it was completely ineffective against Wei Xiaobei. Any arrows before he got close to Wei Xiaobei were easily shot down by the ink gun. Even if Wei Xiaobei let the arrow hit him, the swift and violent Even the arrows couldn’t penetrate Wei Xiaobei’s skin!
As for escaping? How to escape? Another group of enemies surrounded them outside.
The most terrible thing is that all the noble generals in the Huns cavalry were knocked down by Wei Xiaobei. There was not even a commander. They were leaderless and just fought with their bloody courage. There was no order at all and it was chaos.
Taking advantage of this moment, everyone, together with the soldiers of the special joint force, killed each other.
Zhu Xinyi, with the help of Baima Yicong, continued to charm the captured Huns cavalry and accepted them as his subordinates.
Time passed bit by bit, and the Hun cavalry were either dead or captured, and their number was getting smaller and smaller.
When the number of Hun cavalry was reduced to less than a thousand, the red light blessing those Hun cavalry who were still resisting suddenly dissipated.
As the red light dissipated, the remaining Hun cavalry became weak one by one and collapsed on the ground.
/Next, Zhu Xinyi became even busier.
There are too many Hun nobles and generals who need to be charmed by her.
Zhu Xinyi, who had not felt tired for a long time when she conquered the monster with charm, was so tired that she almost fainted this time.
There are still five to six hundred Huns cavalry who have not been charmed.
/Of course, all the surviving Huns cavalry had been tied up with ropes, so Zhu Xinyi had enough time to slowly enchant them.
Only the Hun wizard, Wei Xiaobei, mentioned aside, fed him some potion, and after hanging his life, he wanted to charm Zhu Xinyi.
As long as the Hun wizard is controlled, Wei Xiaobei can study the secret behind the wolf totem summoned by the Hun wizard.
But what Wei Xiaobei didn’t expect was that this Hun wizard, whose biological level was only one-star elite, could actu