or sea-based, require missiles to leave the atmosphere and enter space, and eventually return to the atmosphere to attack the target.

Thinking of this, Wei Xiaobei quietly distanced himself from Long Bo’s people.
The people of Long Bo kept changing their route of advancement, trying to avoid the slightest threat from the sky.
To be honest, if you can do this, the armed satellite is something to be proud of.
/In space, the armed satellite has now firmly locked onto the people of Long Bo on the sea, and its jet nozzle ejects high-temperature gas from time to time to adjust its position.
In the hollow tube below it, a small amount of blue light has even reflected outside the tube.
“Your Excellency the President! The GPS system has locked onto the target!”
A small black box was immediately delivered to the conference room and placed in front of the President.
After opening the small black box, there was a red button with a danger mark inside.
This is naturally not a nuclear button. The so-called nuclear button is actually a communication system that can directly issue orders to various nuclear strategic forces through an encryption system, and this small box is the real button.
With just a slight press, the electromagnetic launcher on the armed satellite will launch the alloy rod.
The President smiled very reservedly at this time, and all the senior officials present at the meeting had smiles on their faces. They could feel the power of American modern technology from this!
Enemies thousands of miles away can launch fatal attacks with just a small button!
What a powerful military strength this is!
They couldn’t help but feel a little excited at this time.
Of course, the President also knows that he cannot waste too much time. After all, it takes a lot of time to lock the satellite.
He placed his finger on the button and clicked lightly. No sound was produced, but everyone knew that an invisible electric wave had already shot towards space.
A moment later, the alloy rod on the armed satellite was gently pushed by the machine at the bottom, and then slid forward along the hollow tube.
The powerful electromagnetic field gives the alloy rod extremely powerful power in an instant!
Although there is no sound in space, when the alloy rod shoots out from the end of the hollow tube, it seems to bring a violent harsh sound in people’s minds.
A blue light was ejected, leaving a long blue trail in the space where there were not many air molecules. After that, the speed became faster and faster. When it collided with the dense atmosphere, it instantly created a long dark trail. Red fire.
This firelight continued downwards, and its color was changing rapidly. Dark red turned into bright red, then orange-red, then orange, golden, and finally turned into a long white light.
At the moment when the armed satellite launched the alloy rod, the people of Long Bo on the sea sank down without any hesitation and disappeared without a trace.
Obviously, the people of Long Bo felt that a huge threat was approaching at this ti