bility of resurrection.

Wei Xiaobei’s eyes were a little bright.
He felt the power of the rules!
In fact, all this is presented as a battle between rules.
The power of rules released by the golden giant dispelled the dark rules, so the black fog ghosts affected by the green light were unlucky without the protection of the dark rules.
Under the crushing power of the rules, even the strongest black fog giants have no chance of survival!
However, the regular power released by the golden giant did not spread far. When it spread about thirty meters, it was blocked by the black mist that gathered around it, and could no longer spread outward.
At this time, a green aperture with a radius of thirty meters formed around the golden giant. Within the green aperture, countless plants grew crazily, and outside the aperture, countless black mists crazily tried to invade, constantly fighting against the green aperture. .
The golden giant began to take steps and rushed towards the light and heat zone.
It has to be said that with the appearance of this green halo, those black fog ghosts, no matter how numerous they are, cannot stop the golden giant.
The green aperture moves with the golden giant. Any black fog ghost that breaks into the green aperture will have countless plants growing on its body in an instant, turning into a dead corpse and being submerged by the plants.
Of course, even so, the black fog ghosts did not give up their intention to besiege the golden giant. They rushed into the green circle of light like moths to a flame, and then died under the plants.
/However, as soon as the green aperture moves, the plants that leave the green aperture will soon be extinguished by the black mist, wither and disappear without a trace.
Having said that, the crazy invasion of the surrounding black fog had a considerable impact on the green aperture. Wei Xiaobei could almost see the green aperture shrinking under the invasion of the black fog with his naked eyes.
But the golden giant is only about ten kilometers away from the light and heat zone. Even with such consumption, the golden giant can probably return to the light and heat zone through the black fog zone!
Seeing this scene, Wei Xiaobei knew that he couldn’t count on those black fog ghosts.
It can also be seen from this point that the overall strength of the Great Dark Lord is indeed weaker than Amaterasu, and he does not even bring half of the gods.
And that golden giant is a real god after all. Under such circumstances, if the great dark lord does not take action to deal with this golden giant, it will be really difficult for these black mist ghosts and monsters born from the black mist to keep a god behind. Somewhat high.
You can only take action yourself!
Wei Xiaobei casually swatted away the black mist ghost that rushed towards him, took out the Sun God Spear, then turned it into a large bow and attached it to a dragon dragon arrow soaked in dragon dragon anesthetic juice.
At this time, Wei Xiaobei couldn’t begrudge the dragon’s arrows and anesthetic ju