on with this alliance in their hearts.

“Dawn Alliance, since everyone agrees with it, it’s settled!” Speaker Gould also felt good and said with a smile.
He took out another bottle with a large number of alchemical patterns engraved on the surface, then waved his hand and fourteen cups appeared on the table. He carefully poured the red wine in the alchemy bottle into the cups.
Almost as soon as the wine in the alchemy bottle left the mouth of the bottle, the lords’ eyes widened, and the refreshing breath of spiritual things containing rich energy hit their faces.
/The alchemy bottle in Speaker Gould’s hand is also a treasure. In order to worry about the energy spillage of the spiritual red wine, the alchemy bottle not only has an internal storage space, but also can lock the energy inside.
Of course, these spiritual red wines were sent by David. The output of spiritual fruit is not small. Although it cannot be provided in large quantities, the spiritual red wine can still be provided to allow Speaker Gould to expand his power.
“This is the spiritual red wine I promised you. Please make proper preparations for promotion before promotion. Don’t waste this precious spiritual red wine!” Speaker Gould said, pointing to fourteen glasses of spiritual red wine. .
The lords who did not attend Annabelle’s legendary promotion reception had their eyes shining when they saw the spiritual red wine.
You must know that since Speaker Gould was promoted to the legendary level on the spot because of a glass of spiritual red wine at the promotion reception, in the aristocratic circle of the divine world, spiritual red wine is almost equivalent to a divine item.
Indeed, in addition to divine objects, what kind of training resources can enable a fifth-level Templar to successfully advance to the legendary level.
Anyway, in the past thousands of years, no knight has been promoted to the legendary level. No one knows how Annabelle Legend was promoted.
However, the spirit red wine appeared at Annabelle Legend’s promotion reception. Combined with the fact that Speaker Gould drank the spirit red wine and was promoted, others had to think that Annabelle Legend was also promoted because of the spirit red wine.
/If Lord Arthur hadn’t been on the Garmi planet and was targeted by the Temple of War, making it difficult to contact him easily, the nobles would have gone to Lord Arthur to buy it.
Such a divine object appeared in front of them. Although Speaker Gould had agreed before signing the alliance agreement, it also made the lords extremely excited.
The lords resisted the temptation of spiritual red wine and collected the spiritual red wine into space items.
Having just read the promotion precautions after the ‘Dawn Cultivation Method’, they know how difficult it is to advance to the legendary level. They need to be prepared before they can try to advance.
“Everyone, the Dawn Alliance has been established. In order to thank Lord Arthur for his help to the Dawn Alliance, I propose an operation to drive the Morse family into dust!” Sp