pulled out the kitchen knife, a thin crack appeared on the cutting board and table.

The cut piece of pork was so thin that the sunlight almost passed through it. When placed on the cutting board, the pale golden piece looked like a perfect work of art.
But at this time, Wei Xiaobei felt dumbfounded.
This kitchen knife was too sharp, which also caused trouble for Wei Xiaobei.
With this knife, the pork was cut open, but the cutting board and table were also cut open.
/Of course, if it had been another chef, this would have been a big problem. With a slightly stronger hand, nothing could stop the knife, and it might even remove his own thigh.
It can be said that with the sharpness of the dragon’s kitchen knife, Wei Xiaobei only needs to lift the kitchen knife with the blade downward and gently release it. Then the dropped kitchen knife may fall somewhere, to the center of the earth. It’s possible to go.
Fortunately, Wei Xiaobei is not an ordinary chef now, and his mastery of strength is not comparable to that of ordinary people.
After a while of adapting, Wei Xiaobei pressed the pork with his left hand and flipped the kitchen knife with his right hand. Without making a sound, the pork slices like cicada wings fell down like dominoes, and the ones on the cutting board were like dominoes. No more knife marks appeared on it.
After cutting the pork, green onions, dried tofu, ginger, garlic, etc., the dragon scale pot is quickly heated.
In order to heat the golden wild boar’s pork, Wei Xiaobei heated the dragon scale pot to the extreme temperature, a thousand degrees!
But at a thousand-degree temperature, after the golden wild boar meat was poured in, it didn’t appear to be heated at all.
This gave Wei Xiaobei a headache.
This ingredient is too high-end, and there will be many difficulties even when cooking.
Fortunately, Wei Xiaobei had an idea. He simply placed a piece of dragon dung stone under the dragon scale pot, triggered the dragon fire inside it, and then added a little dragon blood gravel.
In the blink of an eye, the bottom of the dragon scale pot was burned extremely red, which made Wei Xiaobei a little worried that the dragon scale pot would melt due to the fierce flames.
Fortunately, this dragon scale pot is a treasure that Ao Yan personally refined with a piece of his own dragon scale. Even the dragon fire that surges ten times cannot melt it.
At this time, the golden wild boar meat in the dragon scale pot began to squeak, and a puff of oily smoke came out.
After stir-frying the pork, Wei Xiaobei needs to wait for the temperature of the pot to drop before he dares to add other ingredients and seasonings. Otherwise, the high temperature of more than 3,000 degrees may turn other ingredients and seasonings into green in an instant. cigarette!
After a lot of work, a dish made of golden wild boar was freshly cooked.
As soon as this plate of dried pork and tofu was taken out of the pot and placed on the plate, smoke rose instantly. A pale golden wild boar suddenly appeared in the smoke, shaking its