r five kingdoms Chu, Yan, Zhao, Qi and Wei all He was destroyed by Wang Jian and his son, and their achievements were astonishing.

But after their success, Wang Jian and his son retired and returned to their hometown, becoming among the famous generals of the Warring States Period, rare people with a peaceful life.
As for Li Mu and Lian Po, there is no need to say more. Everyone who has studied history knows it.
Wang Li is a famous general, but he can also be called a famous general. He led his army to attack the Xiongnu, causing the Xiongnu to flee in embarrassment.
To put it simply, the end of the Qin Dynasty was chaotic, Xiang Yu and Liu Bang rose up and dominated for a while. During the Battle of Julu, if it were not for Zhang Han and Wang Li, the relationship between them was not good, and the 200,000 Qin troops led by Wang Li had just ended their battle with If Xiang Yu was exhausted from the battle between the Huns, it would be really difficult for him to defeat Wang Li.
And Li Zuoguo was the son of Li Siye, a famous general in the Tang Dynasty. Li Siye was said to be extremely powerful and good at wielding the Mod Sword. He was the commander of the Mod Sword Army of the Tang Dynasty. He always took the lead in every battle and was invincible, so he was called the magical general by the enemy.
He followed Gao Xianzhi across the Western Regions, defeated the Xiaobolu Kingdom, conquered the Pingshi Kingdom, suddenly rode Shi, and defeated the army of the Dashi Kingdom that marched eastward to the Western Regions. During the Anshi Rebellion, he also defeated the rebels many times.
It can be said that whenever the Tang Dynasty Modao is mentioned, Li Siye must be mentioned.
As for Yue Lei, he must be the second son of Yue Fei.
It has to be said that the identities of the fathers of these envoys are extremely prominent.
No wonder the Chinese military was so anxious that Xu Feiyang came out to bring in reinforcements.
To put it bluntly, even if the Chinese military has any means to deal with these envoys, it does not dare to use them indiscriminately.
Once these envoys are injured or killed, the next thing will be difficult to handle.
/The speed of the transport plane was very fast, and the northern city of Central China Province was not too far away from Cuihu City. A few hours later, the captain of the transport plane reported that the plane had arrived over the northern city and was preparing to land at the military airport.
But at this moment, Wei Xiaobei waved his hand, grabbed Xu Feiyang, opened the cabin door, smiled and said to the captain, “Thank you for your hard work, I’ll go ahead.”
After saying that, before the captain could recover, Wei Xiaobei rushed out of the cabin despite the roaring wind.
Not to mention whether the captain was frightened or not, Xu Feiyang was frightened.
Dead, dead, dead.
The flying height of this transport plane is not low, it is at least more than 6,000 meters. If it falls from such a high altitude, even a human body made of steel will be broken into pieces!