nd is not just the one under Wei Xiaobei’s feet.

At a slightly higher position in the four directions of this flying land, there is a land suspended in each direction, and some land is suspended a little above these lands. In this way, the pieces of suspended land form a ladder-like structure from bottom to top. Inverted trapezoid.
The piece of land under Wei Xiaobei’s feet is the smallest in area and at the lowest position. It is like the base of this inverted trapezoid. Going up one by one, the pieces of land become larger and larger. At the top, thirty-six pieces of land form a pieced together continent!
I have to say, this scene looks a bit spectacular.
Wei Xiaobei turned around and looked around, heaving a sigh of relief. The space passage he came in was still there, but it was covered by a thick layer of black mist. These black mists were constantly drawing evil aura from all around to make up for themselves.
/As long as this space channel is still there, Wei Xiaobei is not too worried.
Afterwards, Wei Xiaobei started walking around on this piece of land.
The terrain of the land is a wide grassland, about thirty kilometers in diameter.
While Wei Xiaobei was walking, he saw many familiar ghosts and monsters in the dense grass.
/For example, there are slightly lower-level ghosts such as Spider Girl, Wood Demon, Mountain Boy, etc. Among them, Spider Girl, the strongest one, is at the level of a three-star ordinary peak close to a three-star elite.
To be honest, after observing the conditions of these ghosts for a while, Wei Xiaobei felt a little surprised.
There are approximately more than three thousand ghosts living on the entire land.
There is no chaotic battle between these ghosts, and there seems to be an orderly hierarchy among them.
The strongest spider woman occupies the best place on the land, which is a dense and tall forest.
This forest is covered with all kinds of white spider webs. The other spider girls guard this spider girl. Wherever it passes, other ghosts and monsters will lower their heads in fear.
As for the ghosts on the upper level, they have absolute majesty over the ghosts on the lower level, but the ghosts on the lower level are frightened when they see the ghosts on the upper level.
Well, there could be an orderly social structure among these ghosts!
This actually surprised Wei Xiaobei.
You know, whether it is reality or the ghosts in the gray world, they are more about strength and fists!
When the ghosts gather together, whoever is the strongest will be the boss of this group of ghosts and rule them all!
But here, on this flying land, ghosts and monsters have formed a strict social structure of order.
This orderly social structure gave Wei Xiaobei the feeling that it was like the slave society in ancient times.
Those wooden charms are the lowest-level slave owners, controlling the mountain boys, while the spider girls are the upper-level slave owners. As for the strongest spider girl, she is the king of the entire land!
What surprised Wei Xiaobei the most was that on